remembering lab values r.o

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    Any sayings that help you remember lab values? Here are a few I use:

    I eat 3 1/2 to 5 Banana's daily (K)
    8-10 years old milk (Ca)
    If you eat cinnamon BUNs you will gain 10-30 lbs. (BUN)
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    Love it! Do you have any more??
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    you have to be 13-21 to shoot a gun (mag [lol, a gun]): levels are 1.3-2.1
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    Chloride sounds kinda like chlorine and chlorine is in swimming pool, so usually you'd go swimming at 96-106 degree weather
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    these are pretty good
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    This may be stretching it but it helped me...

    Hemoglobin normal value is 12-18 (that's the low end for female and high end for male). So I focus on the MO in heMOglobin and think that kids 12-18 tend to MO( or mow) lawns for money.
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    I think of lab values as money. It really helps when you are explaining things to patients

    (ie, you want 12 dollars and you have $11.50)
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    these are great!
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    Just a question about the title of your topic ...what is r.o?

    Calcium is good for your bones, such as your teeth. When a cute guy has nice teeth, you'll rate him a 8.5 to 10.5 MG/L if the scale was

    LITHIUM IS 0.8-1.5
    15 minus 8 =7
    There are 7 letters in the word "lithium"
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    Thanks I couldn't memorize mag or chloride for anything!!! What about for phosphorus?

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