Ran out of time[nclex-RN] ..255 questions

  1. Okay So I took my Nclex Rn exam today @12 in CA.It didn't stop at 75 I was happy that I am getting more questions.I thought I would stop around 100ish or 150ish but it crossed 200 and 225 and then i answered my 255 question and on 256 i ran out of time I was like please give me 2 more minutes to finish my last 10 questions..I took my time to answer each question.I knew i don't have enough time when i reached 250's but the questions were really hard that you would have to take at least a minute or two to answer the question.I just couldn't hurry up i wish i could finish the whole 265 questions.
    I know i might sound annoying if i would say i haven;t tried the PVT yet..but I just couldn't do it .So i had 25+ sata, tons of medication questions, 5-6 picture questions,1 exhibit,5 calculations,5 or 6 drag and drop and three ECG strips..and tons of med surg,maternity 6-7 questions 5-6 media and mental health 10+ questions.

    So is it a really bad thing to run out of time? how do they assess the performance based on last 60 questions? are the results checked by human too or just computer decided the results ?? have you heard about anyone who had same thing happened?
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  4. by   Robublind
    As I understand the test, the computer could not decide if you passed. That is not a good thing but not that bad either. It means that you were on the borderline during the entire test. You did not do so badly that the computer failed you quickly but not good enough to pass. Don't get discouraged, study a little harder next time, do more practice questions. How did you prepare for the exam? I used Kaplan and thought it was helpful.
  5. by   morningdew
    When you run out of time the computer looks at the last 60 questions you answered, if they're all above the passing standard (not necessarily correct) then you will have passed. This information is provided in the literature they give you at the test center.

    I know someone who ran out of time and could have sworn they failed but passed because of the rule they use that I mentioned above.
  6. by   healthstar
    When you run out of time, It is extremely important to answer your last question correctly. ( Saunders )
  7. by   Indian_rn2b
    You guys are right..
    I got my letter today near the passing standards in all and below the passing in pharma..I had lot of pharma questions in the end..I am weak at pharma i need to work on it i guess.ANyways I am ready to get back to study again..this website is great keeps me motivated ..Good luck to everyone..
  8. by   yasmin0518
    Hi.. I'm new in this site. Will someone tell you that you ran out of time or the computer just shuts down..?
  9. by   Indian_rn2b
    Quote from yasmin0518
    Hi.. I'm new in this site. Will someone tell you that you ran out of time or the computer just shuts down..?

    When you ran out of time your computer shuts down ..:/
  10. by   nursedanny614
    If you run out of time the last questions are graded to see if they are over the passing line.