Question for Those that Took the NCLEX-PN

  1. Okay, just a question, and I am NOT asking anyone to give me the test content, I am asking a GENERAL question.

    So for those that have taken the Nclex-PN, I was reading some literature yesterday about the Nclex that said the NCLEX-PN exams focused on the geriatric 65+ population on the exam. Did you find this to be true on your exam?
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  3. by   FocusRN
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    The exam can and does ask you anything from newborn to the elderly. I would suggest you check out the NCSBN website
  5. by   futurehealthcarewrkr
    i just took my nclex-pn on 08/22/11 and it focuses on everything plus more. Everybody's exam is different but Like the person above said, do check out NCSBN website for pointers. good luck and best wishes!
  6. by   scarykarrey
    Yep, I found that it really spanned the entire age-range. I didn't have a ton of SATA, had about 4 metrology. The biggest thing to focus on would probably be prioritization. I had a lot of those questions. You'll do great!
  7. by   hdub
    I took mine this week and it had everything on it.
  8. by   DennisTheNurse
    i took mine thi week focuses on everything from airborne disease to contact to medication..just because majority of lvns work in nursing homes doesnt mean it will focus on the elderly
  9. by   Monkey123009
    Totally NOT true. It's devil of a exam has everything and anything on it. My weak area was pharmacology. Study all areas, and although its impossible to learn/memorize all meds, it will throw a random drug in ur face and ask for a side effect. Yes, I did fail, and this is why Iam so bitter. lol Goodluck to you!!