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PVT= bull****

  1. 0 I took nclex rn friday. Got the good popup. Viewed my quick results today and i failed for the second time. I am absolutely crushed
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    OMG IM ABOUT TO CRY..... im so sorry
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    reading your last thread it seems you didnt get the good pop up since it said you recently shceduled this exam another schedule cannot be made at this time? thats a different pop up...how many timeS did you do the pop up? i feel for you DONT GIVE UP! ....KEEP TRYING YOU WILL GET THERE <3 ***HUGS****
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    wow, thats rough. How many questions did you have?
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    I am so sorry.
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    I am sorry.
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    I got all 265 questions. The first time i had 248. I felt this one was a lot harder so i thought i passed. I had a bunch of sata questions and a rediculous amount of priority questions from about 150 onward that was basically the whole last part of my test. I graduated in may and couldnt take it the first time til october bc my school messed up my paper work. I was really thinking i passes this time and to see fail again i just felt deflated. Ive lost so many job opportunities bc of this. I have 2 bachelors degrees. My first i couldnt use anywhere locally so i went back for my bsn. I just cant catch a break
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    Well, dont be discouraged. If you had that many questions you must have been close. Im scheduled at the end of the month, but im worried about meds. Were there many med questions on your test?
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    Quote from nyguynurse
    I took nclex rn friday. Got the good popup. Viewed my quick results today and i failed for the second time. I am absolutely crushed
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    Yeah I think you had a different pop-up (I also read your previous post). Anyway, I'm truly sorry to hear that. Just gotta move on and prepare for your next step. But whatever, don't ever give up. You can do this! Have faith!
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    I am sorry to hear =( my heart is aching hearing this.
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    i have read your post on the other thread, it was a different pop-up from the one i got. im very sorry to hear the news
    i hope you get back reviewing and hopefully things will be good !
    wish the best for you!!
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    Sorry to hear this. Good luck on your next try! Study hard and don't give up. If you made it through school, you CAN do this!