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Post NCLEX Blues

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    I am writing because of the feelings I am having since taking the NCLEX on Friday. I am just BLUE and don't know what to do. I have received the good pop up many times. In addition, in my state when you submit your application for licensure, your name appears on the BON website with pending status. If you fail the NCLEX, your name falls away like a leaf in the wind and if you pass it remains with a pending status. As a result I am 99.99% confident that I have passed. However, I don't know what to do. I have been in my pajamas since Friday night. This is totally not me. I am up at 5 on my way to the gym and dressed by 7:30. Maybe, I've just been studying for too long. I just don't know. I'm not worried about employment, because RN Orientation starts on Monday. Is anyone or has anyone else felt this way after the NCLEX.
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    Yes, I did. I stayed nauseous until my board officially posted. I was drinking Pepto Bismal straight from the bottle. It's unfortunate that you had to wait over the weekend. I also had the good pop up but couldn't shake the sick feeling until I could see my license. Of course the I was over the top happy and making everyone call me Nurse Kym, RN. after it posted.

    You got the good pop up so you passed. You just need to be official.

    Congratulations Nurse!!! Enjoy orientation tomorrow!
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    You may just need the rest!!! Congratulations on your success! The hardest part is over!! I am still studying and very nervous about the test, praying I am able to beat the beast this Thursday!

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    congratulations to u ... i wish i could say this !!! how i wish to have the blues once i PASS nclex !!! facing the beast this wednesday ..... anxiety is sky high !! i m constantly in tears .... i feel like i know nothing !! praying hard !!!
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    I took the NCLEX last week and this was so me. My life was like a blur between the time of taking the test and finding out I passed.

    I kept getting the good PVT pop-up but like you, I was skeptical. I got 265 questions!!! Worst 6 hours of my life.

    Believe in PVT!
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    Glad to hear that I am not alone in my mixed emotions.
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    Hi congrstulations what study guide and resource books did you use?am preparing to face it for second time please help.
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    I was a wreck too. I took mine on a saturday (2/2/13) and I got the good pop up with 75 questions. But I was distraught that it could be wrong throughout the weekend. I didnt do anything that whole weekend. It was pure torture. Found out monday I passed. But Im glad I was not working because I couldnt think about anything else but that test.
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    @st_claire hey can advise me with book I can decide between Mary hogan or Saunders so plz help me
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    Quote from harpreetk
    @st_claire hey can advise me with book I can decide between Mary hogan or Saunders so plz help me
    I'm afraid I'm not able to suggest a book, I didn't use one. I'm sure if you search through this area you will get many reviews on the books that have been used.