Please help!! Will I pass nclex with 50-60% on kaplan Q bank??

  1. I am taking kaplan q bank questions and I am making between 50-60% on most all of my practice questions. I am usually doing only ten questions at a time on tutor mode. Is that ok to do or do I need to be taking all 50 questions on timed mode to determine if I will pass the nclex? I'm just really worried about these scores because I thought I had to make a 60 on all tests with 50 questions.

    Thanks for any help!!
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  3. by   ABQLNDRN
    I do recommend practicing timed testing. On the computer practice tests I took, I scored somewhere around the score range you noted. I passed the NCLEX the first time with 77 questions. Don't freak yourself out. Remember that you know more than you think you do. Calm yourself when you sit down to take the test. Worst case scenario, if you don't pass, you can take it again, but I am sure you will. Have faith in yourself!
  4. by   RNsince2010
    I've been doing about 100 QBank questions a day on timed helps to get a feel for how much you know and how to eliminate wrong answers. Try doing more questions on timed mode. I heard it's good to be doing 150 questions a day!
  5. by   JustEnuff2BDangerous
    60% is the "magic number" on Kaplan, however I did not start making 60% and above until my last few days before the NCLEX. It is more important to focus on the questions you are taking and strive to use your critical thinking to answer the question than to worry about whether or not you are making 60%. Answer EVERY SINGLE QUESTION in the Kaplan Q Bank, and go back and review EVERY SINGLE QUESTION whether you got it right or wrong so you will know the rationale. That was my study plan and I passed NCLEX in an hour and a half with 75 questions.
  6. by   misswhitney
    I did 50 questions, timed, each time I did them and my final score was around 57%. I had 75 question, passed on my first try in just over an hour. Most of my friends were in that range as well. Just make sure you do the final two practice tests. They were the most help.
  7. by   ttreeds
    I Scored a 90% once on the kaplan Q-bank and that was with 50 questions. On average i scored about 65-73% for each 50 Qbank questions i took. Sometimes i scored much lower than that. Honestly practicing a 100 questions per day for kaplan is way too much. You can do 100-150 for other "easier" practice questions like Saunders but with kaplan it is not enough to just do the questions. You have to go over each question indepth and read the rationales....Now to answer your question, try to aim for at least 70%. I was told by one of my kaplan instructors when i was studying for the nclex that 70% on kaplan is equivalent to a passing rate on the NCLEX. Honestly kaplan to me is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy harder than the NCLEX. I hope i answered ur questions
    Oh and also please please go over the videos that they put on the website. You may have to look for them though, they are kinda hard to find; but they are so informative and helpful
  8. by   iteachob
    Timed mode is important! Tutorial mode will give a false sense of security. Always take at least 50 questions at a time.
  9. by   barlowjb
    When I did 50 timed q bank questions at a time I had a cumulative average of 54% and passed NCLEX with 75 questions on my first try. I asked the same question you asked to a friend of mine while studying for nclex and he told me that he was scoring in the low 50% and had passed nclex on his first attempt. With him telling me that, It eased my misery each time I scored low on the q banks.

    Also like ttreeds said the videos on the website (esp the ones that go thru how to answer the questions) were soooooo helpful, try them if you have time.

    Like someone pointed out, try to review each question, whether you got them right or not, you will be surprised how much you retained I - all this in retrospect of course .

    Best wishes
  10. by   HaveFaithRN
    Do exactly what says JustEnuff2BDangerous .It helped me tremendously! When you go over the ALL questions again you can analyze the questions on the REAL NCLEX..and knock out the wrong answer immediately.I had sooo many select all that applies..its was crazy. I passed the exam with 75 questions but I did it with God by my side!
  11. by   Coffee Nurse
    I'm not sure how Kaplan works specifically, but you do want to be doing a lot more than 10 questions at a stretch. You need to build up your stamina, so that you aren't mentally fried by the time you reach question 55 on the actual exam.
  12. by   Tink7586
    Yeap! I did 100 questions a day, had 90 questions on the test and passed the first time. My avg score in practice was 55-65%.
  13. by   Boba Fett
    Its more important to look at the reports and see what areas you have a weakness in and try to focus more in those areas.
  14. by   Silverdragon102
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