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  1. ttreeds

    Nights or Days better for New Grad

    I would say days is better for a new grad. I was able to orient on days and nights and they are at two ends of the spectrum. Nights was so boring for me. I only had a couple of meds to give and just a whole bunch of paper work. But on days you get to learn soo much as a new grad and you really develop technical skills. On the day shift, I get to do a lot of wound care, start IVs, hang blood, etc. It is crazier on days but i feel it is a great learning experience for me.
  2. I Scored a 90% once on the kaplan Q-bank and that was with 50 questions. On average i scored about 65-73% for each 50 Qbank questions i took. Sometimes i scored much lower than that. Honestly practicing a 100 questions per day for kaplan is way too much. You can do 100-150 for other "easier" practice questions like Saunders but with kaplan it is not enough to just do the questions. You have to go over each question indepth and read the rationales....Now to answer your question, try to aim for at least 70%. I was told by one of my kaplan instructors when i was studying for the nclex that 70% on kaplan is equivalent to a passing rate on the NCLEX. Honestly kaplan to me is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy harder than the NCLEX. I hope i answered ur questions Oh and also please please go over the videos that they put on the website. You may have to look for them though, they are kinda hard to find; but they are so informative and helpful
  3. ttreeds

    Waiting for ATT number

    it depends on what time of the year you send it. if you send it around May or Decemeber it might take longer than expected because they are swamped with applications from new graduates around that time. Since you sent yours in towards december ending and they probably have numerous applications from december graduates, it might take about a month to receive your ATT. But make sure you call them once in a while to check the status of your application and make sure there are no issues delaying the processing of your application
  4. ttreeds

    I truly need help from all of you

  5. kiss ass? I totally totally agree!!!!!! People might be quick to tear your comment apart...but i believe you always always have to pick your battles, instead of trying to fight every battle and sometimes that might mean "kiss assing"
  6. ttreeds

    2 weeks til 3rd NCLEX such a wreck cant even study

    hey murphyal...does it say contact you state board of nursing? If its says that...its a good sign..
  7. ttreeds

    C in Adult 1!!!!

    Before i got accepted into the nursing program. I was a straight A student and I had a solid 4.0 G.P.A. Well when i got into the nursing program, I started struggling with one of my classes, which was a 6 credit course. As the semester continued, i was failing woefully in this class- i was getting D's in my exams. I was so frustrated that i was about to fail this class and have to repeat a whole year of the nursing program!!! (my school only admits students on a yearly basis). Thank God, I was able to get a 95% in my final exam (which was about 45% of the total grade) and that was able to bring me up to a C in the class. It was very disappointing to see my G.P.A drop from a solid 4.0 to a 2.8, but it was better than having to repeat for a year. This class was definitely a wake up call for me. Nursing is not like anatomy and physiology, or chemistry, where i can cram all the material and pass the class with an A. In nursing, its all about applying what you have learnt, not memorizing what you have read. Needless to say, i was able to get A's and a couple B's as i continued in the nursing program and i graduated with a 3.5 G.P.A. So my advice to you would be to reflect on this "C" class, and think of what factors made you fail. Then try to improve on your weaknesses in your other classes. Good luck to you in everything
  8. ttreeds

    New grad accepted in Inpatient Rehab Unit

    Thank you so much for the response!!! It was highly informative
  9. I was recently offered a position on the Inpatient Rehab unit at a major teaching hospital in my city. I was given a brief description of the job. However, i was wondering if anyone can shed some light on the duties and responsibilities of a nurse specifically in an Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit. What can i expect working on this unit? What would my daily activities be like? What are the plus and minuses of working in an Inpatient rehab unit. ANY RESPONSES/ADVICE WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. THANKS
  10. ttreeds

    New grad RN finds job at ltc, but getiing paid as LPN

    Ok i think we are straying away from the issue. The manager agreed to hire you as an RN right? but pay you an LPN's salary. So technically you are working with your RN license but getting paid less (as an LPN). My question is are you paid any differential or are there any bonuses in addition to the $21? My advice to you would be to take the job for now, and stick with it until something better comes along. I was recently offered a job at a major teaching hospital in New York and i was offered $21/hour (that's before the differential and bonuses though). So what's more important to you? staying home indefinitely until something better comes along? or taking the job while actively seeking something more promising?
  11. ttreeds

    Help...Group Interviews!

    ok hopefully i'm not posting this message a little too late but i actually had a group interview a few weeks ago at a major hospital- Two nurse managers and the "floor representative". It was kind of interesting that i walked by one of the managers on my way to the interview room and i didn't even know!!! She smiled so hard at me; and even as much as i hate those fake smiles that strangers throw at other strangers, i was nice enough to smile back at her and ask her how her day was going (Thank God!). Anyway to cut a long story short, the interview went very well. The nurse managers were very appraochable and "down to earth". They asked me questions like: Why do you want to be a nurse? why did you choose our facility? Are you willing to relocate? (its about 75 miles from where i live). Relay a patient experience where you felt verbally attacked or disrespected by the patient and how did you handle the situation? If you were swamped with tons of work and you hear the call bell ringing continuously. The patient's nurse fails to answer the call bell even when you bring it to her attention. What would you do? when you have so many medications to give and notes to write and your own patients to see? (I approached this question by talking about prioritization....) Why should we choose you over others? How do you handle stress? AFTER THE INTERVIEW I SENT A THANK YOU LETTER RESPECTIVELY TO EACH NURSE MANAGER AND EVEN THE "floor rep" (trust me, their opinions weigh heavily) and the next morning, i got an email saying i got the job. My adivce to you..."HOPE FOR THE BEST AND EXPECT THE WORST". AND WHATEVER HAPPENS ALWAYS MAKE YOURSELF ACCESSIBLE AND PROVE TO THE MANAGERS THAT ARE A GOOD FIT. OH PLEASE PLEASE RESEARCH THE UNIT!!! AND ALWAYS TIE YOUR ANSWERS BACK TO THE UNIT AS A WHOLE
  12. ttreeds

    Failed Clinical Med Surge 3

    Honestly i feel like the whole situation was unfair for the student. And i feel you guys are being a little too harsh on the student. Seriously, it hurts to come this far, the semester is almost over, and then you find out you failed. Shouldn't a student's performance be judged cumulatively? In other words, one should not fail medsurg or any class for that matter for just one mistake. In this situation the insulin error should not carry so much weight; after all we are students and we are continually learning and making mistakes, that's why we have our clinical instructors to guide us and help us be "COMPETENT AND PRUDENT NURSES!!!" If the student had done relatively well throughout the semester, then he/she should be judged based on that. Of course the insulin mistake is a very serious one, but that should not overshadow the student's overall performance throughout the semester. It is unfair!
  13. In my school you can NEVER EVER challenge a professor and have a smooth sail onward. One thing i've noticed is that the faculty will always support their own before they support the students. In other words you cannot challenge a professors' competency and expect the faculty to take sides with you, the student. IT''S UNHEARD OF. I've had so many horror stories in my school, it's ridiculous. There was a student that was picked on so much by a clinical instructor. The instructor would go as far as asking the other students to challenge her competency and how unfit she was to be a nursing student. One day, during our clinical rotation, the professor (who was obviously having a bad day) kept criticizing the student and embarassing her. The student looked the professor in the eye and said..."you have always wanted me to fail and no matter what i do, i will never be a good student in your eyes. and for that i quit"....The student walked out of the hospital that day and that was the end of her goals and dreams as a nurse. She never came back to nursing school and chose a different career path. There was another student who reported a professor to the faculty board and not only did she fail the class, she was unable to graduate with everyone else and while all her classmates her becoming licensed nurses and working, she's forced to wait out a whole semester and take the class over again with her juniors. In my school people fail in clinicals, not class, not exams, CLINICALS. Sometimes the issue lies with the students, but sometimes, the issue lies with the clinical instructor and that's the sad part
  14. ttreeds

    Any hospitals hiring New Grads in Albany

    Albany medical center
  15. This article is definitely what landed me three job interviews and two job offers; this was after getting about ten phone calls from nurse recruiters. I graduated in May and became licensed in October. With everyone screaming about a nursing shortage i thought nurse recruiters were gonna be literarilly begging me to work in their facility. however, after reading this article i felt i had to be as open minded as possible and go the extra mile to apply for jobs (which i know we have all been doing). I went on goggle and found a list of all the hospitals in New York State (which is where i live). i did not even bother to look at how far they were from my city because i did not want to be discouraged. i started applying to each hospital. it was over a hundred hospitals on the website, but every time i came back home for the day i made it a priority to sit in front of my computer and keep applying. At first i wanted to give up because i was frustrated that nurse recruiters were not calling me However, i started getting calls from nurse recruiters. some of them discovered that i was not experienced enough for the position so they did not set an interview (but i was esctatic that i even got calls). Finally i had two "phone interviews" and one "in person interview"; all in major hospitals. I got two job offers- one in the step down unit, and one in surgical rehab; and i'm waiting for the third. Mind you, all i did was apply for these jobs on the hospital's respective websites. i had no "conncetions" or nobody to recommend me to the manager. The hospital i decided to work at is two hours from where i live which means i'm gonna have to relocate. However, i landed my dream job at a hospital that is well known in New York, so if i have to make some sacrifices to achieve my goal then it is definitely worth it. I'm definitely grateful to God. I start in a few weeks and i'm so excited!!! So my point is even when everything seems bleak, just persevere and keep applying until you succeed. The journery is hard, frustrating and sometimes discouraging, but its worth it
  16. Reading this article definitely shed some light on some of the questions that have been racing through my mind, and helped ease some of my frustrations. This article was written by an RN, a healthcare management consultant. Click the link and read the article and please share your thoughts :)) http://www.solutionsoutsidethebox.net/documents/2009/Nursing_School_Graduates.pdf