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This poll is a follow on from the pearsonvue trick poll which asks if you got good or bad pop up. Please do not post any questions in here regarding the pearsonvue trick, they will be deleted, please... Read More

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    worked for me too!

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    Tried the PVT about an hour after I finished taking the NCLEX-RN, got the good message pop-up, and 3 days later, found my name and license number on the CA BRN web-site

    So...the PVT worked for me!
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    I took my test at 1pm. Power went out at the test center TWICE... the pearson site is now down for routine maintenance but I did get the good pop up. However, I did not look for "delivery successful" and I walked out of that test at 85 questions feeling like I failed. So I just don't know.. is SAT...I have to wait til Mon to try the BON site for my name. AGGH!!!!!
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    PVT worked for me too!

    Tried the pvt trick as soon as I got home from testing and already had 'delivery successful' and the good pop up. Today, I got the results and I officially passed.
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    pvt worked for me
    took nclex rn 9/15 @1:30pm. 2 hrs later my bf tried the trick because i was a nervous wreck. lol. super scared. "delivery successful" + the good pop up. yesterday quick results= i officially passed. 1st take with 75 q's. god is great.
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    Paid for quick results! PASSED!

    Mine was available 48 hrs (almost exactly) from when I began my test.

    So the PVT worked for me!!!! yay!!!
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    Worked for me! I took the exam on 9/19 at 8am. I was stopped at 75 Qs and left defeated and angry at myself. 4 hours after testing, it says "Delivery Successful" on the Pearson site. I begin re-registering, cross my fingers, hold my breath, and click "submit". Thankfully, I get the good pop.

    Fast forward to today, and after checking the Pearson site every hour since Monday, quick results appear at 8am on the dot (exactly 48 hrs from the start of my exam time). I pay, and under status, it says "PASS".
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    It worked for me. Took exam on Tuesday, got the "good pop up" and today my quick results say that I PASSED!!!
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    Worked for me & a former classmate of mine within 3hrs of taking the test. We both received the "good pop up" & we both have now seen our names on the PA BON website with active licenses!
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    pvt worked for me. got the good pop up 30 minutes after i had completed the test.

    my license number was posted two days later.

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