Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3 - page 179

here are the exact steps to see if you passed the nclex exam on the pearson vue web site: go to . select the 'test taker services' tab at the top. click 'register' on the right side. click the 'credit card'... Read More

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    Quote from RunHeatherRun
    The trick worked for me! I took the NCLEX-RN on 1/24, checked the trick as I was walking to my car and received the "good" pop up. My name showed up on the CA BRN website this morning. Believe in the trick!
    That's excellent - well done! Hopefully her name will appear later on Monday then as she took hers the following day to you.

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    The trick worked for me too! I took the NCLEX-RN 1/24 and tried the PVT right after I left the test center and I got the good pop up! My results were posted on the BON website the day after and I paid for the quick results today just to make sure and I passed! ) I'm so happy! I was really afraid that I failed because the test questions were so hard I was feeling like I didn't know any of the answers for sure. I had a lot of SATA probably about 20 and a lot of priority questions. The test shut off after 83 questions and I for sure thought I failed. So if you are worried and thinking you didn't pass just know that everyone usually feels like they failed when they leave and you most likely passed! Good luck to everyone!
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    A couple of folks that tested a few weeks ago said it still works. I tested last February and it worked about an hour after my exam.
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    The odds are you probably passed....Congrats! I just took my RN NCLEX exam on 01/26/13 and took all of the 265 questions....I have been reading a lot up here that the last question matters...My last question wasn't an ANALYSIS question, and I don't think that I answered it correctly. I was soooo nervous that I forgot the entire question anyway. Does this mean that I failed? Can anyone out there help with that question?? I'm dying over here!
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    I'm one of the few it didn't work for. Took my boards the same day as you, got the cc page instead of the 'good pop up' and Friday morning my RN license was active.
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    Got my quick results and passed! It works! Still no license on the Texas bon they are sooooo slow! The trick works though
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    Are you serious, I bet you were a wreck getting the credit card... Did you look it up under RN license? Or was it your Graduate nurse?
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    Multiple threads merged and moved to the NCLEX discussion forum to elicit further response.
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    Quote from hazlenut88
    I'm one of the few it didn't work for. Took my boards the same day as you, got the cc page instead of the 'good pop up' and Friday morning my RN license was active.
    Did you check to make sure your test said Delivery Successful before you continued? Usually when people get the CC screen and still Pass, it is because their test had not been.
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    My graduate nurse temporary permit was still active while I was getting the cc page and immediately before checking the BON site Friday morning, it was still giving me the cc page. Then my RN license was active and the Temp was null and void.

    Yea, minutes after taking my NCLEX-RN it said delivery successful, I wanted to check there first, then proceeded to get the cc page. What a ride! lol

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