PearsonVue trick

  1. Hi all, I took NCLEX today after doing 2000 practice Kaplan questions. I walked out and felt terrible as if I failed. There was so much material and I only got 75 questions. I walked out and cried because I was hoping I could prove my competence with more than 75 questions. Most of the questions were based on what I learned not what was on Kaplan Questions. Anyway I came home and did the trick. It gave me the majic pop up saying " you recently scheduled this exam.Please contact your member board for assistance. I'm relieved but still scared because its unofficial. Can anyone relate to this? Please send your experiences.
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  3. by   RNReadyManc
    Anyone out there who can relate?
  4. by   heras2012
    same thing I felt horrible !! After the test I told all my family that I totally failed :/ but no0p! I got the good pop op and I passed sooo ! good pvt means u passed =)
  5. by   RNReadyManc
    Thank u! I cried after the test and tests of joy with pop up. How long did u hadn't to wait for official?
  6. by   RNReadyManc
    "Thank u".
  7. by   AZMOMO2
    I think all of us who have taken an NCLEX can relate. Hang in there!
  8. by   reveriies
    Same thing happened to me last year as well. Had 75 questions, felt like i was failing, cried in a Target parking lot, and went home to try the PVT and got the good pop up. And here I am today, an RN, just as you are one too. Congratulations!
  9. by   reveriies
    And I'm not sure how your state board does it but my and my nursing buddies showed up on the Secretary of State's license verification website the next day. You can pay for "early" results, but SOS site is as official as it gets
  10. by   RNReadyManc
    Omg thats comforting! I didn't know about the Secretary of State. I'm in Ca, r u as well?
  11. by   registeredliz
    The exact same thing happened to me, minus the crying though. I was more in a daze and felt nothing on my way back from the NCLEX. 75 questions, 2 hours, and I was certain I had to have failed. Afterward, it really was like being in some kind of feeling-less trance. Once I got home, I immediately tried that trick, and it worked as described! A couple days later my name and license number were listed on the site!

    The only thing is that I believe my popup message was a little different, but it started with "you have recently scheduled this exam" as well.

    CONGRATS! You passed!! Now go celebrate already, you did it!!!
  12. by   RNReadyManc
    Thanks for the kind words. I do need to celebrate. What an emotional day! Thx God it's over n for helping me through.
  13. by   BostonTerrierLoverRN
    Cut off after 75 Questions, went Back to my apartment I had newly rented, 500 miles from family, and cried myself to sleep. Two days later I ate my first bite- some broth. I passed. BUT, don't listen to anyone that will tell you they know they passed, before confirmation. I was sure I failed, and couldn't think of one question I was satisfied with. I thought I had really bombed it if it cut off at 75 questions, and was sure I had no chance with more.
  14. by   RNReadyManc
    Ok I feel that all nurses feel this way after the NCLEX. I feel a little better today, i'm still in denial until I see that majic blue card or my name appears on the BRN. Thank you for the reassurance. Hearing that I am not the only one gives me confidence that I probably passed. Just happy to be done studying, what a journey its been. Thank you all again.