Pearson Vue Trick "Facts" - page 2

Hello everyone! After you test you should receive an email stating something along the lines of "Now that you've completed your NCLEX blah blah blah". It is at this point that you can try the PVT... Read More

  1. by   Purity83
    Thanks for the reply.I wish they could specify what the "select candidates " could be another thinking.
  2. by   stephwc
    I don't think the "select candidates" would be another PVT trick for pass or fail, i think it's totally random :/
    I took my exam today and tricked the PVT and got the bad pop up... My exam stopped at 76 questions, and I had special research questions at the end... which I completely skipped because my brain was way too tired to be answering more questions after my exam ended.
    I feel so terribly discouraged right now, I spent so many hours just studying for this exam