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I wanted to post another success story! I know personally when I was preparing for NCLEX, seeing all the failed stories were discouraging. So here's a success story! I had 75 questions and finished in about a hour & 45 mins. I... Read More

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    My pages shows"Your Board of Nursing does not participate in the Quick Results Service.

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    I wish mine would show up!
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    I know different state boards vary with the quick results or just posting them in general. I'm now an advocate for the Pearsonvue trick. Don't sweat if you got the good pop up!
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    I just checked state boards and I passed!
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    yay! congrats fellow RN!!!
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    Hi,can you tell me where I can find my name on the state board?I am in CA, took the PN on Tue.
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    Congratulations!! I am pretty far from having to take the exam, but It sure is good to read your good news after reading some bad ones!
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    Congrats! I am only beginning my journey (pre-nursing student) but it is always wonderful to hear about someone else passing the exam! Congrats and good luck!
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    I am scheduled to take my NCLEX feb 1st and kaplan is the only thing ive been studying and i started at the beginning of January. My scores are great according to kaplan's standards but I've heard Kaplan is good for strategy on NCLEX but not necessarily content. My question is do you really need to be really good in content or is the knowledge from nursing school and strategy from kaplan enough to pass the NCLEX?

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