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Passed nclex on 5th attempt....

  1. 3 Glory be to God,for he's blessings are everlasting, I took my nclex-rn test for the 5th time on Monday and I found out that I passed yesterday with 75questions.Words can't express how relieved and happy I am,I used the lippincott's q&A and I went to review called ready to pass,and also read the 35pages of info on the website,I know this time around I read more than I have ever done in my life,prayed and fasted tooooo,God is awesome and I pray he helps those that are struggling too and yea the peasonvue trick works,Goodluck guys!
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    Yey! Congrats!
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    Congratulations, now relax and enjoy your accomplishment!
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    Congratulations! Good luck in your career!!
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    Congrats!!!! So happy for you!!!
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    Praise God! I pray that He will give you every blessing as you start on the next chapter of your life/nursing career!
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    Thanks everyone
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    Is there anything differently that you did I am taking it next month for the 3rd attempt it is killing me inside never failed like this before through nursing school Due to financial circumstances I have to pass on this third try I am in desperate need. I printed studyguide, doing saunders I did kaplan doing lipincott as well and did PdA by la charity. I also hired a professional tutor for nclex
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    Do you have to pay the fee each time you retake it? I'm still two years off from taking it, starting my program (ADN) in August. But I see these posts occasionally from people who have to take it more than once and that question comes to mind. And congrats to you!