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momof2ns's Latest Activity

  1. momof2ns

    L/D Care Plan Help PLEASE

    I start nursing school in August. These seem really interesting but complicated!
  2. momof2ns

    I am DISSAPOINTED in myself...

    Open lab time sounds like a good option for you.
  3. momof2ns

    How to find a job After you graduate

    Good tips!
  4. momof2ns

    Math rage

    There is value, but I understand the frustration when learning a new subject.
  5. momof2ns

    Youngest person in your cohort?

    So good to have driven young people!
  6. momof2ns

    didn't start school til age 50

    Good for all you! Never stop reaching for your dreams!
  7. momof2ns

    Doing My Happy Dance Today!!!

  8. momof2ns

    Accepted into WSU RN Fall 2013 program!!!

    I mean clinical site is up :-)
  9. momof2ns

    Accepted into WSU RN Fall 2013 program!!!

    Hey! The lab schedule is up, and I think we are at the same clinical site! SDCH
  10. momof2ns

    Passed nclex on 5th attempt....

    Praise God! I pray that He will give you every blessing as you start on the next chapter of your life/nursing career! :)
  11. momof2ns

    Accepted into WSU RN Fall 2013 program!!!

    Hey Momma Mia!! I got your PM, but it will not let me respond because I don't have enough posts yet. I think it is some new rule. But YES, I am VERY excited about nursing school, and I agree the uniforms are going to make us look like grapes. A friend of mine told me to think of them as my training wheels :)

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