Passed My NCLEX Exam Thanks to Uworld

  1. I passed my NCLEX RN exam thanks to Uworld on the first try at 75 questions. I want to share this with other people because I honestly was not confident about taking the NCLEX and passing. I felt like my school did not prepare me for it. Anyway, so I did some research and I saw a few post on mentioning Uworld. People commented saying it helped them pass or it helped them pass after they failed. Uworld questions are very similar if not exact to the Nclex.

    I also would like to mention I did not do a KAPLAN review. I did use hurst review for the subject areas I was weak in. I review personal notes from I had.

    I hope this post is helpful

    Good luck everyone!
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    Thank you!!
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    Thank you for posting and congratulations!
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