Need HELP regarding RN Nclex Exam!!!

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    Can someone please help me with the rn nclex exam i will be taking on july 15 2014. i have read saunders for the content and also did some saunders cd questions(2000) and as will as lipponcott questions (1100 questions). i have been scoring like 60 plus percent in all of those questions and i am still getting alot of them wrong (( I have ONLY 12 days left till the EXAM . i am literally freaking out i feel like i am not ready for the test. i really need suggestions about the test, where can i find more rn nclex questions?? and how do i study the drugs and what drugs are mostly used in the nclex?? please someone help me out (
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    Just focus on drug families as opposed to individual drugs! You won't overwhelm yourself this way. Know major side/adverse effects. Really focus on priority and delegation. I used Kaplan and Saunders. Kaplan was the most similar to NCLEX, but the Saunder SATA really reminded me of the NCLEX SATA. Just keep practicing and UNDERSTAND the questions. You have to critically think on NCLEX, not just memorize. You will do just fine! You sound like you've been working hard! Good luck and keep us posted!
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    Goodluck and stay calm on the exam. God bless
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    thank you guys for ur support and suggestions. I will go through the drugs But saunders have very a few SATA wher else can i practice those? and any sites do u know where i can practice nclex related questions?? how can i improve my critical thinking for the test? i am an international grad thts why i am having a little hard time preparing for this exam
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    You need to know the drugs for the diseases
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    use the saunders CD, if you have the yellow book. If the purple book, go to the evolve resource to get a TON of questions
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    Slow down, breathe. Take a day off from studying your normal way. You got through nursing school, you probably already have all the knowledge you truly need. When you're studying, don't just look at the rationales for the answers, look for the reason why the answer is correct. Understand that and you'll do a whole lot better. Focus on reading the actual question, answer it in your head first then read the answers. If none of those answers were even close to your answer, you either read the question wrong or you didn't understand the underlying material. I would imagine the former would be more often the case.

    The NCLEX is tougher than any exam I've ever taken... but it's not insurmountable. It's doable. Very doable.
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    There is no substitute for the hard work that you're already doing. Understanding patho is paramount. But I can say from doing both that the Saunders questions were easier than Kaplan. The scores I got confirmed it. 58-65 in Kalplan and 70-80 with Saunders. I recommend Kaplan! And yes, it did suck for me too. I got 175 questions, and don't yet know if I passed.
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    after taking the NCLEX today i can tell you that studying individual medications did not help. i used only kaplan material and the best thing to do is know what assessments to make and side effects for groups of drugs (beta blockers, ACE inhibitors, etc). youre not going to get every medication question right and thats ok. Pearson doesn't expect you to.

    Be confident in what you know and you will succeed. I didn't recognize almost any drug I was given today but I chose my answers based on rationale and process of elimination.

    good luck you will do great. just remember that if you study hard and breathe during the exam you can pass!
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    thank you so much ) and i am sure u guys will pass !!! any suggestions for the nclex practice questions online? i have done saunders and lipponcott questions and some on *******.com any other sites for questions does anyone know?? thanks for helping out appreciate it.

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