NCLEX tomorrow

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    I take my NCLEX tomorrow, first time. Going to review labs and maybe some meds tonight. Always did well in school, never failed anything, no Cs, always 1000+ on HESI tests, been using saunders to study since before I started school..... Why is time moving so slowly? D:

    Anyone have last minute tips?

    I better pass this, I have 2 interviews for a med/surg postion at the largest hospital in my area this Thursday!! (what a week.....)

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    Good luck! Are you in a bsn program
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    Thanks! I was in an ADN program.
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    Awesome I'm starting adn in January any tips on how you made it thus far?? All I see is discouraging messages on here !!
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    Nursing school is what you make it. For me it was not nearly as hard as all the horror stories on here. Sure it is different but just try different methods of studying till you find one that works for you. Put in some time to relax as well, you can't do well in class and clinical if you are all burnt out. Good luck in school!
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    Thanks so much ! Good luck on your exam and interviews
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    I take mines tomorrow as well good luck to you
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    Stay calm during the test and try not to look at what question you are on. Remember that NCLEX selects random students to get the entire test, so don't freak out if you end up having to go through the whole thing! This happened to several people in my class. Also, go with your gut answer. There will more than likely be more than a few questions where you can't really narrow it down, and you should expect that but if you go with your gut answer you'll likely get it right. Good luck!
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    Thanks guys!!! Good luck Diva!

    I take mine at 2pm est, probably going to update this after I get back with the results of the Pearson trick.
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    Good luck to you all!

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