NCLEX today... to soon to do pearson trick?

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    Today I finished my NCLEX with 75 questions.. I tried the popup and I got the good one. However, I heard that everyone gets that popup REGARDLESS if you check the trick before your scheduled exam time ends. Anybody? Feels like I have an ulcer in my stomach

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    I took my nclex yesterday stopped at 149 did the trick half an hr later and got the bad pop up. But don't believe the trick until you get the official results. People that got the good pop up ended up failing and there's been cases where people got the bad pop up and passed. I'm hoping to get my results soon I want to see the official results not by the pvt.
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    I have never heard of anybody who got the good pop up and ended up failing. For me it definitely worked. I took the NCLEX twice and the first time I got the bad pop up and I failed. The second time I got the good pop up and I passed. Keep us updated. But I think I can already say CONGRATS!
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    Congratulations! I didn't wait until my scheduled time would have been up. I think I waited 10 minutes. 20 tops and that was cuz I had to reset my password. I was so nervous I forgot my login info . Someone I know was able to get in due to an open spot at the testing center and she was done before her scheduled time even started and it worked. I know you won't fully relax until you see it on your state boards site but you can sure be pretty confident. Yay new nurse!!
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    WHEW!!! Trying to take deep breaths here. I have a job waiting me across the country and everything haha so nervous!!! Thanks.
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    Oh my goodness. Even more congratulations in the job! I'm a little jealous. I just had my first interview and am waiting to hear back. I know what you mean. The waiting is the worst!
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    Congratulations everybody.
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    Worked for me! Took the NCLEX Tuesday and got the good popup. Today I found out I passed!!!!! You passed, congrats!
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    Quote from lindseybarnes, RN
    Worked for me! Took the NCLEX Tuesday and got the good popup. Today I found out I passed!!!!! You passed, congrats!
    Congratulations, everyone is passing what is the secret
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    kemifair: I used the Saunders study guide. Read it front to back and answered a bunch of the practice tests from the CD that came with the book.

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