NCLEX take 2.......a few thoughts

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    Hello friends, I just returned home after taking the NCLEX-RN for the second time. I got the 'good pop up' so I am hopeful. FYI...I got the 'bad pop up' the first time..
    Anyways, just wanted to share a few things.
    I was totally cocky the first time, very little studying, memorized a few lab values, did a few Kaplan question trainers etc. When I left the testing center the first time....I felt great! That was soooooo easy.....LOL of course it was easy, I was only answering the low level questions!! Needless to say, failing that test, was REALLY humbling!
    It took me a few months to get back at it and when I did.....I was on FIRE!!!
    I learn and retain information best when I read it in a book and write it down, I never go back and read what was written, just the act of writing it once works for me. I have a whole bunch of books and at first I was keen on going thru chapters and chapters of content. I quickly realized, there was NO way I was going to get through all of it. I took the Kaplan diagnostic test and then focused on each area that I was weak in. I did almost all of the Q bank, not great scores, mostly 50-60's. I started to freak out when I got 54% on QT 7 and 61% on the Readiness. I went back and really, really looked at the rationales. I noticed what one of my books calls 'distracters' . I noticed that I was falling for the 'distraction' answer EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! I would narrow down to 2 choices and always pick the wrong one!! UGH !!!
    A light went on!!! I also have a HUGE problem with taking my time, carefully reading questions and reading EACH and EVERY answer! I forced myself to take my time, read the question, write down on a piece of paper what the topic was and then read EVERY answer, eliminating clearly wrong answers. It sounds so simple, but it truly made all the difference. I know you are supposed to move quickly through the questions, I just knew for myself.......take each question one at a time, think about everything I know about the topic, really understand the consequences of each answer. I was taking up to 6-7 minutes for EACH question.....truly a first for me! I had 75 questions and it took 2+ hours.
    I just wanted to offer some encouragement for anyone that is taking on this beast for the 1st the 2nd the 3rd the 4th the 5th time......YOU WILL SUCCEED!!!
    I'm happy to answer any questions! Best of luck my fellow and future nursing friends!
    Annie Michele
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    I have a similar story! We rocked that stupid test this morning! Good Luck!
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    Thank you! Let our future as nurses begin!!
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    did you only use Kaplan or some other source as well?
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    hi.. i'm right there with you i took my nclexRN today for the second time.. first time 265Q didnt get the good pop up on pearson.. this time 75Q and also did not get the good pop up so i think i failed again what book did you read about the distractor answers? any advice i would appreciate
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    Yayy congrats Kaplan is helpful. I think if you're doing >50% on the tests than you're good to go lol.
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    I am taking my test in 10 days. My Qtrainer scores range 50-65%. my readiness test-62%. my qbank average is 58%. Do you think i am good to go? Nurse2bKimberly?
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    What are the good and bad pop up notifications that you're talking about? I thought that the computer just stated that you have completed the test and then shuts off.
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    Quote from DGAL
    What are the good and bad pop up notifications that you're talking about? I thought that the computer just stated that you have completed the test and then shuts off.
    Go to and try to re register. If it lets you enter your credit card information, that means more than likely you have failed. If a pop up window that states "our records indicate You have recently scheduled this exam, please contact your member board" , that means you have passed.
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    Awesome advice and a huge congrats. I test thurs and will take that advice with me lol)

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