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Hey everybody, So, my NCLEX test is coming up on Friday (AHHHHHHH) and this will be the second time I am taking it and extremely nervous to fail again, but that's not my question. A few days ago,... Read More

  1. by   stushaw
    Hi all, Can you send me the study attachment? i cant get the link below to open, and really need the help... Thanks !!!!
  2. by   mcherian
    Hi can you please send me the study guide. Im going to take mine for the third time dont know what to do..
  3. by   robertsassy
    Hi, Can someone please send the 35 pages study guide to me? I finished RN school almost two years ago but could not take my exams because of so many family issues. i am in dying need of help to get a study plan and start studying for the exams. Please i am having an anxiety attack already and i will really appreciate help. Thank you so much.
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  5. by   RNNURSE2014
    Can you please send attachment I can't open link Thanks
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    Quote from RNNURSE2014
    Can you please send attachment I can't open link Thanks
    Can u also please email me the link at
  7. by   2Jeanne
    Can you please email to
  8. by   RedTea
    was this guide helpful?
  9. by   Lpn Blake
    HI can someone please tell me if this study guide was helpful? Did anyone pass using it? Someone please answer....
  10. by   Lpn Blake
    Did you pass the Nclex using this study guide?
  11. by   twitter
    I have yet to find a similiar guide that has as many questions answered, as this study guide has. NICE post!!!
  12. by   denie43
    Is this a good study Guide for nclex
  13. by   ilovecass
    Hi everyone! This is not actually related to the post but I'm hoping that you can help me. I really wanted to try my luck in NCLEX but not sure which state is good for me. I am considering NY and California but I think the latter would require me to have a SSN in which I couldn't have. Is there any other state that you can recommend for nurses from non-English speaking country? Looking forward on your response. Thank you!