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    NCLEX Study Guide Question

    Okay, so guys, I'm in my 4th semester of nursing school and I love to prepare ahead of time for things. I'm sure you can tell where this post is going, so here it goes... I would like to take my NCLEX in December. At my school, we take our finals in November so that we have the option to test in December. I was looking at the calendar and after November the 14th, I'm pretty much done with everything since I will have most of my precepting hours in and can start studying for the NCLEX. I am thinking my test date will be around the end of December so I will be fully prepared. I am not worried about study on Christmas Day, the NCLEX is my top priority at this point. So I get Kaplan for free at my school. The cost is divided over our semesters. We have a Kaplan Live Review the week after classes are over. It's from December the 12th through the 15th. I also bought Hurst Review to help me with content and I already have the workbook done so I plan on studying it here pretty soon. Here is a copy of my study guide: NCLEX Study Guide Week 1 Go over Hurst workbook, memorize drugs and side effects, lab values, Saunders Comprehensive NCLEX Review, LaCharity PDA, look over study guide I found on Allnurses website. Week 2 Kaplan NCLEX RN Content Review Guide do Question Trainers and QBanks, review every question and go back over weak areas, look over study guide from Allnurses website again. Week 3 Review some of content from Week 1, begin Uworld questions, look over study guide from Allnurses website again. Week 4 The top priority for week 4 is to do the Hurst Q Reviews, go over weak areas, more practice questions, go back over Kaplan QBanks and Uworld, look over study guide from Allnurses website again. Relax the day before the exam!!! Okay guys, so do you have any suggestions or tips for me? I would really appreciate the input since I am a little OCD and like to get things done as soon as I possibly can lol. Thank you all!