1. 0 I am looking for Saunder's 5th edition, the original one here in my hometown but I can't find any. Does somebody here in the Philippines is selling? 2nd hand or any used for a cheap price. I hope this post will help. thank you.
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    google and download from the net
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    computer screen strains my eyes especially prolong I rather like the book for review purposes.
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    you could buy it on amazon. There are 2nd hand books and you could sell it back to amazon, once you have finished.
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    Have you tried C&E bookstore and National Bookstore?
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    The book from C&E is just hard bound and not colored. Not available in national bookstore. I hope there are bookstores here that sell Saunder's 5th ed. I tried in Amazon but they don't ship outside US.
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    Hello ggestano2002. I have a classmate that was able to buy the colored version of Saunders 5th ed. at C&E bookstore before. By the way, may I ask you if when is your schedule to take the test? Are you going to take it here in the Phils? As for my case, I'm waiting for my eligibility still. God bless you on your exam.
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    @faithhopelove, I just received my eligibility from Vermont BON last Oct. 5. I am planning to get it next year. I have to review for the exam. How about you? Where from the Phils you are? What state are you applying? I haven't seen Saunder's 5th Ed yet.I am looking for that book still. Even second hand will do.
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    Go for the latest saunders 6th edition. Available at barnes and nobles