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NCLEX-RN Tomorrow!!!!!!

  1. 0 Tomorrow is the day and I'm beyond nervous!!!! Any last minute advice? I feel prepared, but then again I don't! I know I just need to be confident walking into it, but Ahhhhhhh!

    Any last minute thing to look over that might help would be greatly appreciated!!
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    Absolutely NO studying today!!!! Relax today, try to forget about the exam, and GOOD LUCK tomorrow!
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    RELAX. eat your favorite food, go watch a movie, get a very good night sleep and pray. let your brain work tomorrow! GOD bless and goodluck!
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    How did it go?
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    Well it took me all 6 hours and I got all 265 questions..but I felt pretty good when I left! The pearson vue site is down right now so I can't try the trick! It's killing me!
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    What is the trick?
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    If you try to re-register for the exam on the Pearson vue site and it allows you to put your cc in,then it is a good indication that you did not pass.
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    I of course had insomnia of not knowing the results, so I woke up to do the PVT. AND I got the pop-up!!!!!!!! Is this for real???
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    It's definitely for real! It works! I took the test and my computer shut off at 75. I got in my car five minutes later and got the good pop up. Yesterday it was official! I passed!
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    CONGRATULATIONS to you both!!!!!! I have a friend who got the entire exam and passed!
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    Yea! Congrats!! Do you mind sharing what you used to study? I am prepping, still waiting for my ATT from Texas..ugh!
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    I'm in Texas. It took about a week from the time I graduated to get my ATT. I purely used hurst and supplemented with the PDA book.
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    Thanks Belle 2013. I finally got my ATT today. I am thinking of scheduling it for the 18th of June. It seems so far away, but I want to be sure I have enough time to study.