NCLEX-RN today, 90 questions, GOOD pop up! - page 2

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GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! I just got home from taking the NCLEX-RN!! I'm so excited. It took me 2 hours with about 90 questions. I got 1 math, about 18 SATA, 1 picture and 1 put in order!! Honestly this test really wasn't that... Read More

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    You guys give me Hope!!!.... I have been doing the Kaplan Review and have been scoring in the 58%-68% range and this is very discouraging!!!...I feel like some things I have no clue what I am doing but at the same time I made it this far.... I am scheduled to take the NCLEX in 18 days!!!.. (January 15) SOOOO NERVOUS!
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    My exam is on 9th. I feel so nervous too! I'm drawing blank as in I know nothing point!!! I just joined here 2 days ago! I wish I knew abut this before!
    Any advice wud be great help for me!!!