NCLEX-RN INSPIRATION: Failed 2x passed on the 3rd :D NCLEX-RN INSPIRATION: Failed 2x passed on the 3rd :D | allnurses

NCLEX-RN INSPIRATION: Failed 2x passed on the 3rd :D

  1. 3 hi, i have been a member of all nurses for a while now.
    although i do not post much, this site help inspire me to keep going and this site is also essential on how i applied for the NCLEX for i am a Foreign Graduate that has no clue whatsoever about the application process when i came in to the US.

    I have passed the exam in our country right after i graduated so i already have a clue on test taking strategies, etc. just needed content because i feel like i forgot most of it.

    My First Take
    i took my exam 1 1/2 years after my graduation from a BSN program.
    it took a while because i have to undergo the CVS process which took 8 months, so in short i kinda forgot most of the things that were taught during nursing school.
    I went ahead and paid the KAPLAN (i forgot the name of the package but it is the most expensive package). I found kaplan's room discussion is kinda MEH`..
    i really felt like wasting time there, they are just letting us answer the questions altogether and discuss which is the right answer and that was it.. NO CONTENT AT ALL.
    the Qbank was ok, i tried answering 75 a day and answered my Qtrainers...
    and then when my first exam came..I FAILED at 75

    My 2nd Take
    i took my second exam a year after my first. this time I bought HURST ONLINE,
    it was good. I have regained my grasp on the content because of it.
    for the Questions, i used NCLEX 4000, i answered like 150 a day for 1 1/2 months.
    I took the test and it didnt stop at 75. instead i found my self at 200 and my time is only 40 minutes left. so i got scared that i might fail without a fight... so what i did was answer as quickly as i can so i can get to 265 before my time went off.. i managed to do that, but THAT WAS WRONG. i should never ever, rush myself because number of questions is irellevant. it will stop when you pass or fail, no matter what number.
    well i learned that the hard way.. I FAILED AT 265

    My 3rd Take
    after my 2nd failed attempt.. i was very depressed, i didnt know what to do i feel such a failure. after 3 days of being sober, I knew that i was THAT CLOSE, on pulling it off, or atleast i was battling to pass. I kinda knew that i shot myself in the foot when i rushed myself because of the time. So I have decided to take the test as soon as i am eligible again. I reviewd Hurst again and NCLEX 4000. the difference this time was, I NEVER RUSHED MYSELF, instead what i did was close the clock, didnt go to break and answered each questions carefully. I thought that it was gonna stop at 75 because i felt like i did enough but it didnt, then it stopped at 90. I feel confident (i kept it to myself because the last time I felt this way I failed at 75 lol). Good thing this time I FINALLY PASSED!!
    and after all the hard work that i put,...its WORTH IT!!

    ~PS. during my 3rd review, i was offered a job, i felt like being crucified by turning it down because of the review, but i did what i have to do which is to focus..focus..and FOCUS! I hope i can be an inspiration for some of the fellas here. have a good day!
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    Congrats..are you a foreign grad.from the Phil.?because your name kinda say it so..btw may I know what state did you apply for licensure..Im an RN too(Phil.)but got denied taking Nclex-RN because of concurrency thing with my clinical and theory cases...
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    from the Philippines
    I applied for NY. Goodluck on your application on exam )
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    Congratulations!!!LIke you said i am also so close to passing and reviewing the kaplan course book instead of Saunders(which is too much to know).I am doing NCLEX 4000 and i liked it a lot.As i am doing questions only from NCLEX 4000,3500.
    What are your suggestions while doing NCLEX 4000??
    Can you enlighten more about NCLEX 4000??
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    what I did with the NCLEX 4000 is answer 75 questions -150 questions everyday.
    i take a test of 75 items, and sometimes i am able to take another test again in the evening if time permits. I try to score 65% or higher, but to be honest I was like only on the 62%-67% in average.. MY GOAL was 65%-70% ATLEAST.

    while i was reviewing the content, i would match it with the NCLEX 4000.
    for example the content is on Endocrine, after the video of hurst I rest for a bit, read it a bit and understand it. freshen up my mind and answer 75 Questions in NCLEX 4000 that pertains to Endocrine to test if i know the subject or not.

    and then after i am done with my Content review, what i did was take the NCLEX 4000 again same format, but this time I take the "NCLEX like test" which automatically gives you 75 questions including every topic.

    GOODLUCK and thanks!
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    Congratulations. gives many people hope, cant quite till we pass this monster exam
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    Thank you so much for helping me out.
    Really really appreciate your help.
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    Quote from kcshabi
    Thank you so much for helping me out.
    Really really appreciate your help.
    Quote from diana2520
    Congratulations. gives many people hope, cant quite till we pass this monster exam
    thanks! glad to help
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    congrats. . . .
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    Congrats kabayan!
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    Congratulations on both passing and for not giving up!