NCLEX-RN exam results on hold?????

  1. Hey Everyone!!! This is my first time posting. I check this site out a lot and know how wonderful and supportive you all are. I am having a SERIOUS dilemma right now. I took the NCLEX-RN exam on Friday 7/6 at around 2:30 and when I got up to question 20 everyone's computer in the testing center shut down They were having technical difficulties...after waiting for what felt like an eternity they finally got the computers back up and running. I had a lot of select-alls, priority, and med questions but went up to 112 questions before my computer shut off after answering a select-all question. I did the PVT but the pop-up says that "the candidate has test results that are on hold and I cannot register again at this time." What does this mean? My state (NY) has the quick results after 48 hours which would be tonight and the pop-up is still the same. I am a nervous-wreck and need advice pleassseeeeee!!!! I appreciate feedback. Thank you ALL so much.
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  3. by   Alikatz
    I'm sure it just has to do with the technical difficulties. Hang in there!!
  4. by   spectrabrite
    I'm sure its do to the tech problem. Mine were on hold and didn't get released till mid to late the next business day. So wait till Monday id say.
  5. by   NS81
    Thank you both so much for the feedback! I'm so nervous and have been anxiously checking every hour since I first checked Pearsonvue. I really hope it's due to the tech issues and I passed.
  6. by   JustBeachyNurse
    It's usually due to the technical difficulties. If there was a problem with your exam and there were technical difficulties (i.e. they cannot grade due to transmission issues secondary to the power failure, etc. This happened to a few posters last year, the calculator did not come back up) they would offer you a second chance to take the test without charge. (Which I suppose is better than failing but just as stressful)

    There were several who's test results were placed on hold last weekend due to the massive power outages (including their local board of nursing in Maryland!) they did have to wait until Tuesday, I think before finding out whether they passed or failed. (In both cases the posters passed)

    so there is nothing to do right now but hurry up and wait.

    **this is assuming that you didn't break any of the rules such as texting or using the cell phone during the test/breaks, etc. which would have given you a hold due to a incident report by the center...which I'd think you'd already know about. **
  7. by   NS81
    Hi justbeachynurse! Thank you for the info. The pearsonvue center said they were going to fill out an incident report for all of us because it shut down for a while. Maybe that's why its on hold? I'm crossing my fingers everything works out for the best.
  8. by   JustBeachyNurse
    As long as you didn't break any other rules, then this is most likely the issue. They may try and review the tapes to ensure no one else took advantage of the power outage. It's amazing what some nuts will think of or think to take advantage of. hang in there, we're hoping for the best. It did work out for those in MD last week who had a similar problem (power outage due to storm)
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  9. by   NS81
    Thank you very much!! I will keep everyone updated
  10. by   NS81
    I know what you mean justbeachynurse 3 others taking the exam started screaming and one punched his computer screen. I really hope they resolve this matter soon because I'm nervous.
  11. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Remember not everyone was taking the NCLEX there are a number of different exams that PearsonVue administers at the same time. I'm guessing that the guy who punched the computer screen may have some issues....especially if there was some property damage done. I understand frustration but we all need to be professional (regardless if he was a NCLEX candidate or a candidate for another exam) and learn to control our frustrations....
  12. by   NS81
    I completely agree with you.
  13. by   abiklags
    i took NCLEX on june 29 and my results were on hold too (NY state)-never got the good popup. but my quick results were available on time. hope to hear some good news soon!
  14. by   NS81
    Hi! Did you pass? You were able to access your results 2 days later?