NCLEX RN IN 4DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Just want to ask any and everyone reading this to say a prayer for me.....that my anxiety decreases and for the confidence to conquer this beast known as NCLEX-RN!!!! Thanks in advance
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    Praying for you. You will do fine.
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    Good luck and lots of prayers with positive thoughts coming your way!!!

    As you feel anxiety setting in while taking the test...breathe, pray, count to 20 and request a break if need be.
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    Prayers your way!!!! Praying for peace for you while taking the exam and a clear head to answer questions correctly. You will pass!!! God is great!
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    I will pray for you! May God give you wisdom and strength to be fine on your exam...
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    I will include you in my Prayer, God is so Kind he will be there always to help you! Goodluck and let us know how's things!
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    Hi guys, i am taking my NCLEX NEXT monday, CAn u pleas pray for me too! God blees You!!!
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    Taking mine on 24th. Prayers going out. Good luck.
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    thanks to everyone for all of the positive words and prayers!!!
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    Well took exam at 8am this morning 75 questions and 3 hours later I had an active licensce number b/f I could even do the PV trick....Yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!
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