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Hello everyone, If you really want to pass the NCLEX, and be fully confident that you can do it, then you HAVE to take the Mark Klimek NCLEX review. It might be a bit of a drive, but it's worth it! I just got back from his... Read More

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    As someone who is often asked by students to recommend an NCLEX review class in Cleveland, can you give me some hints as to whom you are referring to as the "bad" choice, without divulging his/her name(s)?

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    well...this "team of two" is quite well known in this area (other than Kaplan, they're the only option...or so we've been told). I'm not sure if "bad" is a correct word...but, I would definitely NOT recommend anyone due to honesty/integrity and legal issues (they actually brag about being investigated! how crazy is that! but, many know the truth behind that too).
    So, if that works for you...well, go for it. But, I know so many who have not yet taken the exam that felt like they were forced to go that route. And those who did not pass the first time are really getting taken advantage of (lets not mention if you're a "foreigner" then they really have you...highest quote I heard was 6K!! now that's outrageous).
    This post is for those I just mentioned above. Klimek takes you as you are and really gives you the tools you need to feel confident and succeed
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    You gave me enough information to figure it out. Thanks.
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    Well, just in case you're reading my original post, wanted to let you know I PASSED THE NCLEX IN 75 QUESTIONS!!! Mark Klimek was the only thing that helped me through it. ATI was good because of the practice questions, but Mark really gave me the tools how to answer the questions

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    OMG you did it!Congrats and god bless you !I'm so happy for you,is like a got it too.I'm praying for everyone that's left,l we will make it too!God speed and god bless you in all your quests
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    I took mine a few days ago, It was my second time also. I did not succeed. So very glad to run across your encouraging post. At this time I can't afford any live reviews or the test fees. I had decided not to even try again. Your post is so positive and uplifting that if my state allows: I will take and become that RN I am meant to be!!!
    Keep me in your prayers
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    OMG!!! THANK GOODNESS THAT YOU CHANGED YOUR MIND!!! Peds nurses are truly ANGELS (I really can't work w/ kids, I'm useless, and being a mom I'm sooooo grateful for PEDS NURSES)


    I know how you feel but you've made it through Nursing school, that was truly the tough it's just a silly exam.

    I will pray for you that you find the money and time to try again.
    Do you live in the cleveland area?

    Please, please don't give up....I want you to post your success story...I'll look for it
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    I failed first NCLEX RN attempt. Didn't take any review classes. Is Klimek really worth it? What books does anyone recommend to compliment a review class? Thanks
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    so where is this located and do u have any contact info?
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    I just wanted to chime in on Cleveland-area NCLEX review courses...

    I took Buszta, they have a website ( and also a Facebook page, just search the name. They are based in Garfield Heights and I think they also hold a class or two in Kent.

    I LOVED their review!!! They give you handouts/notes that you get to the end you'll have about 600 of them...totally stuffed my 3-inch binder! The session I attended was twice/week, 4 hours/day for 4 weeks. At the end of each class they give you "homework" - a book of 265 practice NCLEX questions. some had 300. You also get exposed to a lot of practice questions in class. By the end you will have done well over 3,000 questions. The instructors made the material interesting and honestly, I think I learned more in their review class than I did in 4 years of nursing school!

    I know a lot of people who took the Buszta review and they all passed on their first try with 75 questions. Buszta is for both RN & LPN.

    I took my NCLEX yesterday morning and I'm still waiting on my quick results as well as my official results, BUT I got the "good" pop-up so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!

    A couple of my friends also took Chelly's NCLEX Review (, which is also for RN & LPN. They had nothing but positive things to say about the course. Not entirely sure on how many questions they had but they all passed on their first try as well
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