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Today was the big day to take my boards. I'm usually a great tester because I was taught how to pick apart the questions, but that was absolutely no help on the NCLEX. I had a lot of meds I did not... Read More

  1. by   Nurse_Heather
    Quote from summer-dreamer
    Sorry to hear the bad news I think someone already mentioned saunders and exam cram. I highly recommend both.
    One thing my instructor at my school told my class in order to prepare for the nclex exam was to do at least 50 practice questions a day. It helped me out.
    I took the Hurst review, practiced the ATI, read the NCLEX Made Easy book, and did at least 75 questions a day for a month, and the questions I had on the NCLEX-RN was nothing like the tests questions that I practiced. But I will continue to study and focus in the areas that was on my test.
  2. by   Elleveein
    Goodluck ladies.
  3. by   kadney183
    Im so sorry guys.....i too have been where I guys are and I want to tell you that there is hope....if I could pass this test I know anyone can do it....i graduated in may 2010 took the test and failed three times!!! family lost all hope in me but I never give up....i kept pushing myself cuz I knew I could do it....

    My fourth attempt was on wednesday and I found out that I passed was one of the most challenging things ive had to do but if I can do it u too can....

    And yes the pearson vue trick does work....worked all four times for me...
    I would suggest u used saunders 4th edition and nclex 3500 it worked for me and im sure it will work for u....

    Goodluck guys you can do it.....
  4. by   caliotter3
    Less anxiety when you look for your official results.
  5. by   nursevictor
    If your looking for a good pharm book find sylvia rayefield book, everything you need to know.
  6. by   sadtrickresult
    i just did the pearson vue trick today...all i can say is....WHAT A HOLIDAY!!! yeah i got where it was asking for the cc information..did it 3 times...and still asked for my cc i guess i failed...never felt so nervous about anythin until the time i took the exams. and doin the pvt..and ouch...i just wish everyone good luck and i hope i would still have the courage to retake the exams. it's very demotivating, expensive, and i'm turning 29 in a few days..i feel old. and now i dont have a career yet. i'm really sad today but i thought knowing that i failed would be the end of the world, but it isn't as worse as i expected... i'll be fine...
  7. by   sadtrickresult
    i still feel glad that i was able to take the exams yesterday though..although i hurts pretty bad.............NCLEX-RN questions are easy, but what's hard is that all of the choices given seem to be's really choosing the BEST answer....oh well...anyway..goodluck again to everyone...
  8. by   evesjay1
    Hello everyone,
    I graduate 3 years ago and and i just took my nclex exam, it took three days before i was able to look and when i did it told me that i fail, however i was very sad. But i did not let it dictate whom i am. i was able to sign up for the miller nursing review it is very expense $780 but i was told they have a 100% passing rate. I am 42 year old so please don't think that you are too old to do this. If you really want this just keep trying and you will pass. I know that i am going to ready the next time i take the exam. Good luck to everyone on your next try
  9. by   Tokidoki
    @ Evesjay1
    Hi! I'm sorry! It is very difficult to get back into NCLEX mode once you graduate from nursing school. I graduated with my BSN 13 years ago, took Kaplan and CSHS review course and I got the PVT good message today. I really felt the Saunders review book was very helpful. I did about 50-100 questions/day depending on work. Message me if you want more notes/tips

    Good luck!!!
  10. by   berry100

    I'm preparing myself to take the boards for LVN as well. I'm so sorry about what happened. I just wanted to say, it's hard to do, but the best way to deal with it is brush yourself off, get up & come back stronger. Don't let this discourage you. As my nurse would say to me, "Don't ever let anyone take your dreams away from you." So keep trying & keep going for it ^_^
  11. by   kdo11

    I just took my NCLEX-RN yesterday and I tired the PVT and it took me to the CC page. I guess I FAILED!! **tears**. I did the kaplan review course and the sauders book. It hurts badly but i'm glad that i'm not alone. Have you re-taken your exam yet? and what did you do different this time around.
  12. by   kdo11

    I just took my RN exam yesterday and did the PVT but got the CC page. I'm so sad and not motivated to do anything today. Would you please be kindly and help me through this battle. I can't PM you, maybe because I'm new to the site. THank you!
  13. by   EmilyMrn
    I took my NCLEX yesterday (Friday July 1st) GOT ALL 265 questions. I went in confident. Left feeling like a failure. It took me over four hours. I wanted to cry. I had an anxiety attack and finally broke down and tried the PVT.. I got the good pop-up but im still skeptical until I get my official results. SO SCARED im going to fail because I got ALL the questions. UGH