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NCLEX Kaplan Practice Scores 2012 - page 6

Hi Everyone, I was just curious as to what, how everyone else was doing in their kaplan, saunders or whichever nclex practice scores and uh the result of your nclex exam. Most of the posts i found... Read More

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    Thanks. I finished Qt6 yesterday and got a 64. Plan on doing 7 today or tomorrow. My qbanks are averaging 68%. I know Kaplan says above 60 on 6&7 are good signs, but I'm still worried.
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    Question- I googled and found the Kaplan practice tests on slideshare that you shared Inori. My results were 2-72%, 3-72%, 4-72%, 5-63% and will take 6 & 7 tomorrow. I test on Monday. I didn't order the Kaplan review, just the book and the slideshare and the Saunders comprehensive exam. I hope I am ready...any thoughts?
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    Okay I finally got my ATT today and took the plunge and scheduled my test for 23 Jun. My Kaplan scores are:

    Diagnostic 66%
    Readiness 62%
    Qt1 64%
    Qt2 61%
    Qt3 51%
    Qt4 63%
    Qt5 63%
    QT6 68%
    QT7 taking this 1 tomorrow
    Qbank average 58% on 300 questions
    have a schedule set up to be done with everything on the 21st so I can have a day to rest

    Not really happy with my scores on the Qbank but I will keep plugging away and reviewing my weak areas.
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    floridagator98 based on what Kaplan says you are more than ready
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    raisingboys I think no matter how much we study or how much we know we will never really feel ready. I felt confident right up until I actually scheduled lol!
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    I prepared with Kaplan.

    Diagnostic: 62%
    Readiness: 67%

    QT1: 60%
    QT2: 65%
    QT3: 55%
    QT4: 67%

    All of the tests listed above were taken before graduation. All of the tests listed below taken after graduation.

    QT5: 63%
    QT6: 72% (Pretty shocked on this one!)
    QT7: 69% (and this one too..!)

    Average Q-Bank: 61%

    I haven't studied everyday since graduation, but most days I did around 50 questions. My NCLEX is tomorrow (6/14) so I have been studying more this week (around 150 questions a day and/or finishing up my question trainers).

    Good luck to you, relax and go in with confidence, you will do great!
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    @cbutler6- Good Luck
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    Is Kaplan review better the NCSBN review?
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    Good luck tomorrow!
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    How do you like saundars 5th edition, is it NCLEX PN?
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    I'm very worried about taking NCLEX-RN. So far I've been doing just Kaplan review. I'm not completely done with QBank, but am hovering at around 57% overall. I've also been doing NCLEX questions from Lippincott's, Davis, and a new book I picked up that just contains alternate-format questions (it's also by Lippincott's.)

    My scores are all over the place with the QBank for individual scores. Sometimes I'll do stellar in one area, then totally bomb that area on another test. And I'm getting totally overwhelmed with pharmacology review - I feel like I don't know anything!

    So far my scores for Kaplan are: Dx: 66%, QT1: 68% QT2:71% QT3: 58% QT4: 65% QT6: 67% QT7: 58% and Readiness 67%

    I'm registered to test June 29...what do you think?
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    I took the NCLEX on Tuesday and just paid $7.95 for my "unofficial" results. Both these results and the "pop-up" trick indicate that I PASSED!

    Our school used ATI however it was never really utilized well, and they also provided the 3 day NCLEX prep. ATI has an awesome book that comes with that course that summarizes 2 years of course material and made for a great study guide. I also purchased the Kaplan at-home program, without the live version. I watched every video, and every video Q & A session. I wanted to add in my Kaplan scores to this discussion to show everyone that even with bad scores, you can pass the NCLEX. My test cut off at 75 questions and I had 12 SATA's. And like so many of you, I was 100% positive that I had failed this test...there was no doubt in my mind about that fact...looking for the pop-up was the hardest thing I had to do.

    My scores were (in order that I took them):
    Diagnostic: 59.44
    Test 1: 57.33
    Test 2: 57.33
    Test 3: 47.00 (Took test 2 & 3 back to back...bad move)
    Readiness: 55.00
    Test 4: 52.00
    Test 5: 51.33
    Sample Test 1: 56.00 (this is located under the Q-Bank area, 50 questions)
    Test 6: 60.5
    Sample Test 2: 50.00
    Test 7: 59.62
    Sample Test 3: 70.00 (this is 30 delegation questions)

    I did not have any time for more Q-Bank questions. I studied 5-8 hours every day, 7 days a week for 27 days.

    I hope that these scores show everyone that while the Kaplan scores are an indication of pass/fail...they are just indication! The test is up to you.
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    So i took the nclex once already on may 2nd and failed...scheduled the second time for june 29...i studied the first time with ati and had a virtual tutor with them....had a 90% pass rate on the ATI of the exam ended up getting 265 questions and failing...i was devastated..i think i was soo caught up in stopping at 75 and doing really, so after it passed 100 questions then 150 i started to lose problem i thnk i had was not reading the questions right and figuring out the stem and what the question was really i decided to do kaplan after taking a few weeks class just ended yesterday.... and i also went to a three day live class ATI provided for review....these are the scores i have so far

    QT 1- 57%
    QT 2- 56%
    QT 3- 53%
    Readiness test-58%
    1st Qbank 50 questions- 58%
    QT-4- 59

    im always on the border of getting the actual passing mark but never hopefully ill get there by the test date which is on june study plan consists of doing both kaplan and ati questions at least 150 a day and sometimes even more!
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