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  1. olliesmommy1005

    Public Health Nurse for Health Dept

    I had only 9 months on a med/surg floor before moving into public health. I have been at my LHD since June of 2013 (with a month that I left and went to the ER thinking I missed the clinical aspect....but I'm back now). I love my job! I have soooooo many hats that I wear here, which can be overwhelming, but it keeps me on my toes
  2. olliesmommy1005

    Educations requirements to be PHN

    I am a PHN with only an ADN. I was required to take the state mandated PHN course within 1 year. I am currently applying for my RN to BSN as well!
  3. olliesmommy1005


    Congrats!!! I'm in the process of applying for an RN-MSN FNP program to start in Fall 2014! Enjoy your journey
  4. olliesmommy1005

    How do you like your job?

    I'm a new PHN, coming from the floor setting. My job in PH is the Communicable Disease Nurse, and I love it! I investigate into all the reportable diseases that are happening in my county, from STDs to TB and everything in between! I also am backup for our immunization/family planning clinic.
  5. olliesmommy1005

    what are your hours of work?

    ^^^^ ditto
  6. olliesmommy1005

    New hanover medical center new grad RN

    I'm jealous you guys have this opportunity! Last year we had to wait until mid July for interviews! Epic held up the whole process! Good luck!
  7. Keep applying, you'll get there! Good luck
  8. olliesmommy1005

    Offered a PHN job!!

    So excited!! Ill be starting the 2nd week of June! I'll be doing communicable disease nursing and just about everything else within the health department!!!! I'm now just nervous to start out since it's so different than the hospital on a floor!
  9. olliesmommy1005

    Relocating to NH...advice please

    I'm trying to make my way back home to NH from NC! We're looking to relocate back to be near family. I'm looking in the seacoast area WDH, Portsmouth, Exeter, etc......
  10. Ditto! Good luck!! The first final by far is the easiest of all the finals, so make sure you get a good base of knowledge and do study the "little stuff" it will be there!
  11. olliesmommy1005

    Job Market in NH?

    I'm hoping to get to the Dover/Portsmouth area....CMC/Elliott wouldn't be too bad. Looking to be closer to family. Thanks!
  12. olliesmommy1005

    Job Market in NH?

    Hey! I'm a new nurse currently working on a busy med surg floor in NC. I so badly want to come home to NH....how is the job market for nurses?
  13. I'm sorry it took so long I get back to you! I have to say I always did the worst on her tests, it is a lot if memorization the first year so repetition is key! Start learning the drug classes now, it will help throughout! Try to recognize the endings in the classes (example beta blockers end in -olol) and then know they will all have similar actions and side effects. Perseverance! You'll get there!
  14. Just checking to see how you are all handling the school year!
  15. olliesmommy1005

    Med/surg first?

    Hi all! I'm a new grad (may 2012) and my long term ambition is to be in L&D. I just started working on a general med/surg floor and am already dreaming of the day I can apply to transfer! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the work and the nurses (plus it's the floor I had last rotation of clinicals for school) so I'm getting my comfort level. I'm just curious of your input on med/surg transfer to L&D vs. direct new grad hires? I wanted so badly to get right in but that was just in the cards for me right after graduation :) Thanks!