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Hi Everyone, I was just curious as to what, how everyone else was doing in their kaplan, saunders or whichever nclex practice scores and uh the result of your nclex exam. Most of the posts I found... Read More

  1. by   aishaj10
    Congrats buddy.

    Celebrate...u deserve it
  2. by   morenoe
    Wow all of you sound ready im excited for you all. I have one question when you purchase Kaplan online do they lecture you before all the quizes are provided or they just let you take a swing at them right away? Can you take the test over and over or after all are taken you can no longer do them? I failed the first time so I need all the advice I can get> i only have the saunders book and I want to pass so bad!!
  3. by   Inori
    @morenoe the content's open its up to you how many of each to do first i did in class review but had to watch the video lectures afterwards as I forgot most of it by the time i got to the content. I redid studying based on my own weak areas after the 1 week class. Test .. you can test repeatedly same one if you want BUT i would not recommend doing that because you'd get a false high and think you know something you don't. Suggestion get saunders start with page 1, study it, learn it do saunder questions, and keep covering like 30-50 pgs a day and every day do 50-100 kaplan questions except for days that you are taking a question trainer. And read rationales of right and wrong for wrong ones really try to understand why you got it wrong and then look up the content in saunders and if needed textbook. Good luck! you can do it
  4. by   MaleNurseIL
    Congrats inori
  5. by   lisa75
    I have heard the NCLEX questions are easier than the Kaplan questions. For thise that have taken the nclex please advise your thoughts. Also, I purchased the Kaplan NCLEX review 2012-13 and these questions seem a little easier than the Qbank questions. Would you still utilize the book or just the Qbank questions?
  6. by   Biggie1
    Hey Inori, I'm in the same boat as you. I'm wondering what everyone's scores are as well if a few can answer, please, overall scores on the question trainers were 52,54,55,53.5,60..around there..I'm now doing a bank questions and today I scored 52' then, 54( on pharmacology) and then a 60 percent for general questions..these three tests I did today were 50 questions at a time...I'm reviewing from the Kaplan book and a very old review book that I have. I've also ordered the prioritization, delegation book which people say helps.....anyway, it would be nice to know how others are performing, I'm taking my test may18th and am super nervous, my heads spinning!
  7. by   vianey83
    I used Kaplan and I think the NCLEX questions are very semilar to Kaplan. I took the test last week and passed with 75 questions. I got a lot of SATA (21), Meds, and prioritizing I also got 2 drag and drop in order. Make sure you know patient safety.
  8. by   Biggie1
    Vinaey83- thanks for seems that there are a lot of SATA questions... How did you study for those? I don't seem to be doing too well with those on Kaplan.
  9. by   Biggie1
    Quote from vianey83
    I used Kaplan and I think the NCLEX questions are very semilar to Kaplan. I took the test last week and passed with 75 questions. I got a lot of SATA (21), Meds, and prioritizing I also got 2 drag and drop in order. Make sure you know patient safety.
    Did you use anything else aside from Kaplan...and how did you study for the SATA questions?
  10. by   Biggie1
    Does anyone else have any suggestions? I'm very nervous, I'm getting a range of 50s to just 60son the Kaplan trainer/ qbank questions...I'm not sure if I'm on track anymore, I have a month from today!! Helppp
  11. by   Inori
    @Biggie1 - qbank questions seems harder so it may be 10 pts lower than your question trainer. QT6 and QT7 aim for 60% or higher and e same for readiness test. You have 4 weeks to study so is till doable to bring it up by 5-10 pts. But at a few days begore test time your still in low 50s then reschedule exam to study. Best to save qt7 till a few days before exam as this one is just like nclex. Books highly recommend getting Saunders to study content as kaplan assumes you know it and only teach testing Also SATA questions you many to consider each option separately and apply decision tree to each of the choices and eliminates as you do it. GOOD LUCK you can do it

    It's important to know why you got it wrong as that will determine how you spend your next few weeks . My studying was focused on releArning content and focused on my weak areas Ask self 3 questions for your wrong answers.

    Did I lose pts becau didn't know content? If yes go hit up sanders or textbook and learn it
    Did you ID the wrong topic? if so read the question carefully and if needed look at answer choices to figures it out
    IDed topi correctly but still got it wrong- need more test question practice and use decision tree
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  12. by   Nurse2BGo_FAMU
    Just enrolled to kaplans classroom anywhere, should i use the kaplan coursebook and online videos for content review or my saunders book??
  13. by   vianey83
    I actually used Saunders for content and occasionally the Kaplan book. I think Saunders is better for content. I didn't used the online videos ( takes too much time) What worked best for me was to review all questions and for incorrect ones I looked up the content that was involved. Hopefully this helps a little