NCLEX Getting Tougher

  1. I am a senior nursing student in my final semester of school. I just had a class today which is supposed to help us students transition to a professional nursing role. One of the big areas to cover is NCLEX preparation. During the class my instructor mentioned that beginning this Spring the NCLEX questions will be increasing in difficulty. I am wondering if anyone else has heard any information regarding this issue??

    Part of me feels a little anxious, but I also wonder how much more difficult it will be. Does this mean less people will pass the NCLEX or fewer people will complete the exam in 75 questions. Honestly, I do feel like almost everyone says that they finish in 75 questions. I think one of a few things when I hear this. One, nursing programs are creating their curricula to focus on NCLEX pass rates. Two, some people are lyiing, or three, the exam really is easy.

    Having never taken the NCLEX, I really can't state which of those choices is the most probable, but I do feel like my program tries a little too much to increase NCLEX pass rates. Obviously, we all want to pass the first time around, but taking multiple exams each semester which have no effect on my grade is a pain.

    Anyway, back to my original question. Does anyone have any input on this idea of the NCLEX question difficulty increasing this Spring 2013??
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  3. by   mwc1230
    I believe it changes in April and that they change it every few years.
  4. by   x_factor
    Quote from mwc1230
    I believe it changes in April and that they change it every few years.
    ^ This. It's nothing new. Changes about every 3 years.

    Here is the 2013 announcement:
  5. by   LadyFree28
    As someone who has taken the NCLEX twice (as a LPN and RN), the NCLEX is a TOTALLY (and I do mean TOTALLY) different test is a Computer adaptive test, which patterns how you answer the questions to determine your decision making level on whether you can provide safe care. A nursing program would be doing a disservice to ANYONE if they did not prepare their students for the NCLEX. The test does change every three years, and the NCSBN does provide a test preparation program that is very thorough and worth every penny.

    I passed at the first time with the NCLEX-PN (85) and the NCLEX-RN (75), but that was after a LOT of preparation...I did about 3,000 questions for the PN, and with the RN, about 5,000 question, pharm flash cards and NCSBN program included...I hadn't taken the NCLEX in 7 years, plus this was a new level testing I was taking, so I wanted to be well prepared for any scenarios.

    A lot of people get the minimum, the maximum, and everything in between...people pass, some have to retake it over, some lots of times...For some who test take well, it's easy, some want to lose their breakfast or lunch's all relative to the person. Keep studying, and be prepared...your program wants you to be a safe nurse.
  6. by   JRich
    The NCLEX gets harder every 3 years. I am so happy to be done with that test forever!
  7. by   iirnited
    Here's a Kaplan link on YouTube that briefly explains the change:

    NCLEX-RN Exam April 2013 Passing Standard Changes explained by Kaplan Nursing - YouTube
  8. by   giane
    I took the nclex rn april 1, 2013...i can't say if they made it tougher or not, or if i was just less prepared but i would say the questions are more challenging because i spent a bit more time on some questions. As long as you know your concepts and critical thinking, you should do fine. Passed at 105 questions i think, cant even remember bec. Of a terrible headache.
  9. by   Racer15
    As other have stated, it changes in difficulty every three years, so don't freak out. I passed my NCLEX-RN in January with 75 questions, and while I found it challenging, it wasn't impossible. I also did not really study for it.

    NCLEX pass rates are important for schools because they will lose their accreditation if their rates are too low.
  10. by   beana34, RN
    Hey everyone!

    I know this post is late, but I wanted to post it anyhow in case others stumble upon this feed and have not really heard yet. I Just took the NCLEX in July and passed with 75 questions; with that said, it is clearly a test people can pass. There were also a lot of friends of mine that also passed with 75 questions and of course others with more, even 265. I was told during the NCLEX review I took (HURST) that the questions are not getting harder, the bar is getting higher. Therefore, test takers must correctly answer more higher level test questions correctly to pass than what was required in the past. These higher level test questions are still the same as those in the past, well the structure and what not. Obviously the actual questions change. Study hard and you will pass. HESI is also a great study tool. Success rates on the RN Exit HESI are highly accurate in determining NCLEX pass rates. I scored a 1026 and passed NCLEX in 75 questions. Good luck, future RN's!