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My review log for NCLEX-RN exam.

  1. 3 In one to two months I will be taking my exam, this thread is an online log to track my progress.I figure if I do it on my own, it will be most likely to FAIL. So Im here, taking all the risks. I know its hard to do it on my own, so I need some encouragements from everyone here (if possible).

    So far, I gathered all the resources I need:
    Books: LaCharity, Saunders, Kaplan and (to purchase) NCSBN online review.
    Place; I mostly can focus on a not-too-noisy places, Library is one of my fave.

    Lastly, to everyone who will be taking taking there exam this coming May or June,
    I wish you all luck!

    In the end, our strong faith to ourselves and the Divine will make us all reach success!
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    Good Luck to ya!! I will keep an eye out for ya!
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    @amy'sgrandbaby thanks!, i saw your post on the other thread, why don't you start a study group here or online?.. i will be interested to join )


    ---day 1: purchased ncsbn review (5 weeks).
    i think 5 weeks is plenty enough refresh all my sleepy neurons.
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    day 1: 05/01/12 -rn pretest (ncsbn)

    correct responses: 71/150
    overall mark: 47%

    --- that's not a good start , but at least, i have an idea on what to work on.
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    Hi, I am also using the same study materials. I have not signed up for ncsbn yet because I need to make sure I will be ready to focus on them only - 3 or 5 wks goes by very quickly. Currently doing LaCharity. i am also doing sme NCLEX questions from a NSNA (national student nurses assoc) book. I also have a couple other strategy books and access to Hurst Review online. sometimes this all seems a bit overwhelming. i wonder if i'm trying to use too many sources??? ahhh!!! what to do!We came this far, we will pass!good Luck to you and all testtakers as we rise to our final challenge to be RNs. We can do it!
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    @ Determine2b - I also have plenty of materials but I take it one at a time. Im not a fast reader and all that, so it will take me a while to finish NCSBN but hopefully,
    I can take this exam on June. Goodluck to us!
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    im right here with you. I have sooo many materials..I plan on mastering the content first, then the questions. To me, it makes no sense to master the test taking strategies if you dont know the content..
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    As soon as I return from this cruise the study group will be up and running for whomever wishes to join in. Graduation is Thurs and cruise is Sat..I will purchase NCSBN when I return, LaCharity is on my Kindle Fire to utilize while I am cruising...
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    im intrested in the study group too
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    Fantastic..Do you have a skype account? I think that will be our best approach...Looking forward to studying with you.
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    I'll pm u my skype Id
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    day 2: 05/02/12 - 5-week (ncsbn)
    hi everyone,
    today was kinda slow, at work whole day.
    answered 25 questions on my kaplan app last night, though. will try to study for 1-2 more hours for lessons 1 or 2 tonite.
    time now: 10:50pm may 2nd.
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    Good job....