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Let me start by disclosing some background information to enable readers to paint a mental picture. I completed a 12-month LVN program back in late 2005 and passed the NCLEX-PN with the minimum of 85 questions on my first attempt... Read More

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    I didn't take it and most of my classmates that did, said it didn't really help THAT much. We had an NLN review built into our tuition, which gave us practice online resources and a 2 day live review with scenarios that combined concepts. Community ADN college program. About a third took the Hurst. 100% pass rate for our class. I passed w/75 questions

    I just didn't have the money for it. We had a few that did like OP. Made mini-vacations out of the review.

    We did have a woman from Hurst come give a sales pitch (for lack of a better word, she was great) and in 15 minutes, I think she gave us the best advice: always safety first and never call the physician ;p

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    I did the Hurst review in Atlantic City NJ right after graduation. I did make a mini vacay out of it! Hurst definitely helped me - especially for fluids and electrolytes!!
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    I second to that!.. Im doing online review now for my NCLEX-RN exam.

    My exam is near and if I keep watching and understanding the videos, I think I will definitely pass it this time.
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    I attended a Hurst review in 2005 as well. It was excellent and I highly recommend it. I agree with one1morestep. I passed the NCLEX with 75 questions and I had an ABG analysis question I would not have gotten correct if it wasn't for the way ABGs were explained during the review.
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    The best money that I have spent is when I enrolled in Hurst. Up to this day I can't thank them enough.
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