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Livescan fingerprinting

  1. 0 Who among you here experienced difficulty in taking their livescan fingerprinting? At times my palms are dry and at times my palms are moist. I had mine fingerprinted and rejected due to dry and wrinkled palms. Any advice on how to take a good fingerprint especially when my palms are moist? Please help me.
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    Try going to a different center? I never had any problem and the worker always checked them to be sure they were okay.
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    are you being scanned for NCLEX?
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    I applied for Florida BON. I sent my fingerprints through live scan. But i idid not find any problems. He has done only once and done. Even i thinkyou have to go another center. Good luck.
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    I had to redo my fingerprints also... You must go to the same center (this way you don't have to repay to get your fingerprints scanned). The BON will give you a paper in the mail directing you on the next steps to take. If it doesn't work after 2 times, they go through an FBI database and don't do fingerprints. At least that is what it specified in my letter. However, the second time my fingerprints were readable.
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    I have hyperhydrosis and I had to did it twice. By the third time you get rejected you you get a background check so dont worry. I went to an awesome live scan place here in cali and the guy accomodated my hyperhydrosis.
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    If your hands are sweaty I recommend washing them before scanning and or carrying hand sanitizer and paper towels
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    Thank you guys for the help
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    Quote from mfierce
    If your hands are sweaty I recommend washing them before scanning and or carrying hand sanitizer and paper towels
    mfierce can i have you email address?thanks
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    You did your nclex exam first before they require you fingerprint again