Kaplan test result what does it mean?

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    I only have 11 days to study for my NCLEX and I am currently doing the Kaplan self study. I have been studying since May and I just feel like I know nothing at this point. My problem is I keep forgetting the stuff that I studied a while ago.
    I am so worry now. I did the Kaplan NCLEX-RN Exam book 180 questions for the "2nd" time yesterday and I got 85%. My results on the NCLEX question trainer were brutal. My first test was 43%. Bloom's Taxonomy: Knowledge-48%,Comprehension-45%, application-0%, Analysis-N/A. My #2 test was 65%. Bloom's Taxonomy: Knowledge-74%, Comprehension-63%, Application-50%,Analysis-0%. My #4 (I skipped the 3rd test) in which I just completed was 57%(OMG ). Bloom's Taxonomy: Knowledge-67%, Comprehension-64%,Application-56%, Analysis-45%.
    I tried to interpret my test result but I just don't understand if I need a 50% or 65%. On the Kaplan question trainer CD, it said that if I can do 50% of the harder question, I will have a bigger chance to pass the NCLEX. Does the Bloom's Taxonomy shows how difficult the test is? I don't get it. Can someone help me to analyze my test results. I am very nervous now. Do I need to study at least 8 hours a day now? or do I need more time? I need to pass this, I cannot fail. Please help!!!!!

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    I think on the Kaplan trainer it has a section that explains the test results. If you click on Test results and then main menu at the bottom of that page says "to interpret your scores" Click that. It states if you do well on the application and analysis then you are in "good shape" to take the NCLEX. I think your doing fine. I have seen people say 62% - 70% on the Kaplan trainer is a good sign.

    I've taken exam 1&2. I scored 65% on #1 and 60% on #2. It said on exam 2 I had 100% on analysis. I was like huh? Where there not a lot of analysis type questions? The thing that sucks is it doesn't tell you what percentage is in each area.

    I say keep answering as many questions as you can and I think we sit for the boards the same time. My exam is in 11 days!! Yikes!!

    good luck!
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    I'm sitting for my test in 2 weeks exactly and I feel now more stupid than last month. The more I study the more dumb I feel. It is a normal sign before exam or what?
    On Kaplan I'm geting 60% and 2 % mre and less. I think I'm getting nervous.
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    Just wanted to say that I initially felt the same way about the Kaplan Question Trainer. I didn't take the course, but did use the CD my friend had from the class. I took all of the tests over a period of a week, including the CD I received from the Kaplan book. My results were roughly in the ballpark of 58%-70%, which I thought was incredibly low. I was an "A" student in school and never really struggled with any of the material. I believe most of what I missed on the practice exams were OB and ortho related as these two areas aren't the most interesting to me. I went back and looked at all of the rationales to see where I went wrong. I did find that most of the wrong answers were chosen from the best two.

    Needless to say I just beefed up on a couple of cardiac, benzos, and antipsychotic meds and didn't really open any other books. My focus was only to answer the questions how the test wanted me to answer, often times not actually doing these things first in my practice. I took my time reading the question and utilizing all of the time allotted for each practice exam. Anyway, I took the NCLEX last week and only had 75 questions, with a test time of approximatley 1:15. When I sat down and the first question popped up I felt as if I was taking another practice exam.

    I focused for approximatley a week on and off throughout the day on these practice exams, a couple of meds, and nothing else (My books are still packed in the boxes from the move). I left the exam feeling confident and yes, I did pass.

    Hope this helps as I have found this message board to be very resourceful. I'm not recommending to prepare like I did, but one thing is certain...take those practice exams, they really do help. Good Luck. Don't forget to breath.
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    Thanks Phatlipzboard

    I feel like everyone else. I took exam #3 today and got a 64%. What the heck? Today I had a hard time concentrating.

    My exam is in 7 days and I'm feeling like.....let's get it over with and also scared....Am I ready?
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    I feel the same way too. I have ranged from 84% to 64% depending on the questions or material they ask. I hope that I do better on the NCLEX.
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    Quote from nurseRNtobe
    I feel the same way too. I have ranged from 84% to 64% depending on the questions or material they ask. I hope that I do better on the NCLEX.

    If your scoring that high on Kaplan you are more than ready to take the NCLEX. I don't think I know anyone that has gottena an 84% on Kaplan. When is your test date?

    My friend told me yesterday Kaplan recommends 65% on their tests to be ready.
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    my test is this Thursday, Aug 4th and I am sick to death over it. I am studing non stop. The part I hate is the not knowing what to expect. I have talked to many now that have just taken it and I get such different responses to what they think. One girl that hardly could pass school said it was the easiet test she ever took and passed. Another straight A student told me that it was the worst test she ever took and had 75 questions and cried everyday until she got her results. And she passed, but her questions were real hard. So it is so interesting to see how people respond to it. I just want it to end.... I am so sick of studying, and I want my life back.
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    Life back? :chuckle

    Sorry but I had to add that in. As soon as you begin your first job as an RN, you are going to be studying everynight, perhaps more than what you have been doing..........but hopefully it will be more focused to a specific area.

    I would definitely close the books at 5 pm today and then take time for yourself. Go for a pedicure tomorrow, see a movie, just have fun.............
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    I do agree with you. Part that has been so hard is that I have been working as a GN and I have been off of orientation now for 3 weeks. That has been hard trying to learn a new job, study and take care of a family.

    The studying for the NCLEX is very stressful for me because I want to pass and I feel as though my family has paid the price for it. So that little bit of extra free time is what I want.

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