I passed thanks to all of you!!!

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    After 16 years, I am a Registered Nurse!!! This site is full of inspirational, supportive people. I have followed many of you on your NCLEX journeys and I thank you!!! I must say, when they say you leave feeling you failed that is absolutely the truth!!! I was certain I failed but I got the good pop up!! Good luck to all who are yet to test!!! If I can do it so can you!! I have to say the apps are wonderful, they give you an opportunity to do practice questions wherever you are!! Anyway, thanks again!!!

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    !!! Congratulationssssss !!!
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    CONGRATS again! I hope to be in your shoes sometime in the near future!!!!
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    @ APerry5675: congratulations! you are very inspiring.. hope you can share with us the apps you used? thanks in advance..
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    Congratulations, very inspiring story.
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    What resources did you use?
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    Congratulations also !!!
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    What materials have u used? And how have u been studying? I know it hurts but u have to move on and get up again..u can do it!!
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    Ok I also used hurst and I loved it or content...I used Kaplan QT and lacharity. Did u go over all the rationales and understand them? Did u do questions everyday? In regards to calculations..I just took the nclex Monday and I only had 1 calculation and I must've spent like 10 mins on it cause I could not get the answer..I had to just guess because I knew I was spending too much time on it.

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