I got the good pop up

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    I did the unthinkable yesterday; went to a Pearson center and took the nCLEX-RN. So far I got the good old pop up, I know my God is faithful.
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    Congratulations to you!
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    God is great and always on time.
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    The pop up worked for me congrats!
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    Quote from eloisaviruet
    The pop up worked for me congrats!
    Worked for me too. Congratulations!!!
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    Congrats and Goodluck please share your study material make you Pass the Nclex ...Thanks!!!
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    I got the good pop up on 10/10 after taking my exam, and on Saturday my name was on my state's board of nursing. Worked for my friend as well. Congrats!!! It will really hit you when you see it in black and white!
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    I really can't wait, I'm even willing to purchase the Pearson result :-)
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