how to study NCLEX & free NCLEX questions and study guides

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    I have 7 days left for my NCLEX Exam everyone , I found some good study materials and some guides. here are those :



    I answer over 150 -200 Q's a day from ATI and Kaplan as well.
    I am so nervous , I hope I will have a good new for u all next week.

    STUDY HARD !!!
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    Thanks, this will help me and I heartily wish you the very best.
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    Thanks, we all need all the help we can get
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    Looks like you're ready...don't forget to go over with your EKG...
    i just took mine last Thursday...I got 9 EKG strips...
    please make sure you know normal to basic abnormal strips look like...
    from Brady to tacky looks like,to Vfib/Vtack looks like..

    this website is great...
    hope this help

    best of luck....
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    Thank you Mina for the informations. I am utilizing them now. All the best to you. YOU WILL PASS!
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    bumbed out , ! I had 58% on ATI predictor today after 20 days non stop studying,
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    Don't give up hope Mina. You will pass. Infact, we all will pass.
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    Quote from mina4848
    bumbed out , ! I had 58% on ATI predictor today after 20 days non stop studying,
    So what was the likelihood of you passing that had to be in the 80% range!
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    thank you all for the support. by the way , I am a male rn student. some of you guys asked.
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    Thank you for these links. The link for management and delegation was amazing. Feels like it summarized the PDA by La Charity.

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