How many times can you take the NCLEX RN? How many times can you take the NCLEX RN? | allnurses

How many times can you take the NCLEX RN?

  1. 0 I am from Michigan and wondered if anyone out there knows how many tries you get for the NCLEX RN? I had failed it once and scared to take it again. I saw that one person on this site had taken it 5 times.

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    It seems to vary from state-to-state. Here in Texas, you have 4 years from graduation to pass it and 50 days between attempts. I'm currently waiting for those "50 days" to elapse (Dec 6th).

    I've read that some states require remedial work after "x" number of failures, but I've only read the specifics about Texas and Wyoming.

    Best wishes.
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    For Michigan, you have to pass within 12 months of your first attempt and you have a maximum of six attempts.

    After the third attempt, you have to complete some remedial education set forth by the Michigan BON, then they give you three more tries for a total of six.

    Check out the Michigan Board of Nursing website for more information. Good luck to you.,1607,...542---,00.html
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    Eric, what about Florida please?
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    I'm curious also about this question.I've been reading the site of NCLEX to find out how many times are we allowed to take the nclex but un fortunately it says there that it depends on our performance in the test and that's the time tne BON in the state that were applying,will decide of whether to take a refresher course.//

    Does anyone here knows regarding this matter?I'll be taking the nclex one's again for the third time and i'm quite bothered.I applied in new jersey and i have no idea as to how many times they offer the exam.
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    As many as you like
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    how about in Illinois?
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    i guess the remedy for this problem is when you run out of tries in your state apply in a different one that has no restrictions on number of tries and after you succeed - endorse with your state...
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    what about Missouri?
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    The best way to find out these answers for individual states is to email or call your state board of nursing.
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    What about Cali.?
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    is this true? can i apply to a different state if i maxed out my nclex attempts with my state?
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    how about Massachusetts