How long did you wait???

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    Hello everyone! I graduated from my LPN program in November and recently received my ATT. I have to admit I've slacked off on my studies and just been working my butt off to catch up on my loans/ bills.

    I've now started a routine to do 100 questions a day and noticed I've already forgot a lot of the material and worried I've waited to long to study. I've decided to take the Nclex within the next 2 months but worried that's too long from now.

    How long after graduating did you take the nlcex? Is 6 months after graduating too long?? Please give me some hope! I'm stressing out

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    I took mine within 7 weeks of graduation. The longer you wait the harder it is to keep fresh in what you have learned.
    Study hard & good luck!
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    I took mine 2 months after graduating and passed with 75 questions.
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    I live in CA so it took them 3 months to process my application.
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    What study material did you use?
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    Quote from happylagirl
    What study material did you use?
    Our school did ATI tests through each semester and also ATI live review after graduation. I also used the Saunders CD that came with the book and a free website NCLEX RN 3500. I did practice questions every day for 2 weeks before I took NCLEX and passed my first try. There are several resources out there, but those are the only ones I used. Hope this helps
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    I studied a week and a half before the test. I used Kaplan's strategy book and answered 150-300 questions each day on NCLEX 3500. I passed with 75 on my first try.

    Do what works for you. I felt I knew the content and just needed to be familiar with the test questions.
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    I graduated 10/19/12, I sat for my boards 11/27/12... Found out i passed 11/29/12. I used Exam Cram-PN both books. (Med/Surg Review and book of practice questions) A fellow classmate and myself studied non-stop for 2wks prior to testing everyday. We did over 1,000 questions. 100-150 everyday. And DID NOT STUDY THE DAY BEFORE EXAM! Just looked over cheat sheet from book, THAT'S IT! Ate a good breakfast and did the test in 1.5Hr. I passed at 85 questions. My friend passed @86! Soooo long story short... DON'T WAIT 6mths! Your bills will ALWAYS BE THERE!! The stuff you crammed in your brain from school will not... :-/

    My class graduated 11 LVN Evening Students:
    To date:
    - 1 Failed Boards
    (he tested within 2wks of finishing class...and was a horrible student)
    - 7 Are now LVN's
    - 2 still pending ATT
    - 1 pending approval from BON disclosure for a prior incident

    We all used Exam Cram-PN from Amazon... It's cheap, useful, and gets your license! But also don't forget, it plays a pivotal role in what you have actually learned in school!!! So if you were not a good student and barely passed/learned then you might need more HELP! :-/ Only you know your level of success!

    Good Luck!! :-D
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    I graduated from an RN program December 13th and took my Nclex-RN January 4th. Passed with 95Q's and had my license number on the January 7th.
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    I recieved the ATT early though. Like a week after I graduated.

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