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how long after nclex until you apply for jobs

  1. 0 ok so I took the NCLEX and got the good pop up but idk if i should just start applying now even though the letter hasnt came in yet becuase I have heard of people applying for jobs even before they take there nclex
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    Do not apply until you get your license number because they 'll gonna ask for it.
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    I applied while still in school. I went on an interview in early November, graduated in December and passed nclex on the 22nd of this month.
    I did all my orientation to the hospital before nclex but decided not to start work until after I passed.
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    So if I already took the nclex I cab start applying like it can't hurt
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    It wouldn't can always put license pending...completed NCLEX 1/28/13, or whenever you took the test. What most agencies do, if they have time from the numerous applicants, is look up to see if your number is on BON...but a lot of agencies rather see the license number for verification, saves time.

    What you can do in the meantime is map out what positions you want to apply for, and find out the closing date, or just wait and tweak the rsum. I've been licensed twice, and waited each time to look for a job...For PN, it took me two months-in 2005, and for RN, I accepted a position six months after licensure, I start next week, so about 8 months after licensure I will begin working.
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    I had my job before I took my NCLEX, so nope, can't hurt.
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    Where do you live? Where I live (in NY) nursing recruiters came to our classroom senior second semester and talked us about the application and interview process. I applied in October 2012 and got an official job offer in November 2012. I then graduated in December 2012. It all depends on the hospitals/state/etc. where you live, but I definitely wouldn't wait until after!
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    I graduated in Dec and got a job a few days later. I started orientation Jan 14 and took my NCLEX Jan 30. So you don't have to have a license number or anything to APPLY for jobs. I didn't even have my temp license when I applied. I got it only about a week before I started orientation.
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    It truly depends on where you apply to as well. I had one place read me the riot act because they wanted to interview me and I did not have a license number yet...ironically, months later, they contacted me to request to interview me. Thanks, but no thanks...