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Hi everyone! Great news I passed NCLEX on my first try as of this morning. Pearson Vue Trick approved! Then the FDOH site at 12pm today confirmed. WOOT WOOT! I'm an EMT, gone LPN, and now and... Read More

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    If anything is missing or if you sent your stuff before your institution sent your transcripts you'll recieve a letter saying you have this much time to get it all in (basically one year). If your good to go you won't get anything until your ATT (permission to test) arrives in your email (first) or by letter. That period of time between when you sent your info to when they (the state) gets it can be a variable range. Average in FL is 3 to 4 weeks.
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    Thank you again for this. I am starting to get anxious and i always read your post to calm me down. These past few days i've been praying and studying and praying that i will pass the nclex exam this coming nov 12. I love how u said it that "It's all in the mind". I kept telling myself like crazy that i will pass the exam. Thank you for the encouraging words.
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    Hello aramis2121,
    I just finished the nclex...I graduated from mdc..please can you tell me the mdc program code..I am trying to do the pvt..I don't have it ..I had a lot sata and follow ups...the computer shut off at 75...thanks!
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    70484 i believe but it could be different now.
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    Congrats! You got through it!