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    Thank you for such a well thought out response! The points you brought up and answered are fantastic. I'm very excited to start on this path. I just had surgery recently and I really thought about the Pacu nurses and their jobs pre and post. I tried to put myself in their place. My new manager explained to me that post surgery patients need some TLC and more babying than what I'm used to at my LTC. This will be a change for me. But I've always been fair and caring to all my patients no matter what so I'm no worried about that too much. I'll look into the Aspan like you recommended. That seems like a great source of knowledge and I want to make sure I can impress from day one!
  2. aramis2121


    Hi everyone! Guess who finally got hired as a PACU nurse? Me! That's who! I'm so excited! This will be my first job outside of the LTC area and I'm excited to get my RN career moving. Considering how hard I worked to pass my boards (check my blog/article if your curious). So fellow PACU nurses, what are some good tips for a new PACU nurse? According to my hiring manager I will be cross training in pre-op and recovery as well. What are some things I should look out for? What about this malignant hyperthermia and so on? is this a good path in order to become an ER nurse? Should I be a babying nurse or a stand firm nurse? I'm used to being a little tough on some of my patients, but I do it out of love. I would appreciate anything even stories! So Nurses please take it away!
  3. aramis2121

    How I Passed NCLEX Different Methods

    Congrats! You got through it!
  4. aramis2121

    How I Passed NCLEX Different Methods

    70484 i believe but it could be different now.
  5. aramis2121

    FAU Nurses RN to BSN

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for nurses who have taken the RN to BSN program at Florida Atlantic University in the past oh, 3 -4 years. In case you didn't know I planned to take the RN to MSN program but it was unfortunately cancelled despite what the site says. I went to an info session and they pretty much said it was a mess. So I am now left with the bsn program. My goal is to finish this program as fast as I can. Masters are needed to catch up with this market. So, nurses! How many classes did you feel comfortable taking per semester? Were you working full time? Was it more paper writing and projects? How how would you rate each class on a scale of 1-10? Ten being brutal. Would you agree with the recommended 11 credits per semester? Tell me about the proctored class at the end? Or did you choose the 1 week volunteer trip? Thank you for your great support and congratulations on my previous article! "How I passed nclex different methods"
  6. aramis2121

    How I Passed NCLEX Different Methods

    If anything is missing or if you sent your stuff before your institution sent your transcripts you'll recieve a letter saying you have this much time to get it all in (basically one year). If your good to go you won't get anything until your ATT (permission to test) arrives in your email (first) or by letter. That period of time between when you sent your info to when they (the state) gets it can be a variable range. Average in FL is 3 to 4 weeks.
  7. aramis2121

    How I Passed NCLEX Different Methods

    To oki_bebot: Try to give yourself enough time to cover everything but not too much time to slack off. I give myself the 2-3 weeks to give myself that little anxiety push to study. A little stress is ok! Cover the weak points for example mine is maternity. So I attacked that area first. Know your decelerations and etc that came up on my test. Good luck!
  8. aramis2121

    How I Passed NCLEX Different Methods

    Thank you you have plenty of time. Just focus on your weaknesses! Good luck!
  9. aramis2121

    What do you do in this late-night situation?

    Answer: You shouldn't be there.
  10. aramis2121

    How I Passed NCLEX Different Methods

    Hey guys here's that cheat sheet i was talking about in my post. It's from another fellow nurse peer on this site.squiddlepost: NCLEX cheat sheetf the link doesn't work I can email it to you. No big Good luck and thank you for the replies!
  11. aramis2121

    Unemployed for 18 months now.......

    someone told me to go and introduce yourself to people who head the depts, sometimes that may open up some doors in the location your seeking.
  12. aramis2121

    Need Advice... Nurse stealing non-narcotic medication

    Tricky topic. I think you did well in switching preceptors. Find one that you can look up to. You have the ability to be any kind of nurse whether she's a drug stealing *bleep* or a compassionate nurse advocate. Good luck in your practice.
  13. aramis2121

    It's about time!

    That's wonderful news! I hope this applies everywhere!
  14. aramis2121

    failed nclex. .. question?

    Just pointing out: I noticed that I would get an answer and depending on what I answered whether it be wrong or right would determine the questions style. For example, after I got a hard one right I'd get a select all questions (which is very good! That's usually a hard one) if i missed that one then i'd drop back to a multiple choice. Sometimes id get two select alls in a row so I knew i was doing ok. There's a pattern, if you watch it carefully you'll notice it. Just take your time and focus on what the question is asking and only answer that, remember Nclex wants to distract you with other more familiar and alluring answers.
  15. aramis2121

    PV trick

    ME TOO! lol
  16. aramis2121

    Just finished 75 questions..PVT?

    Congrats! The pearson vue trick worked for me twice now! I'm pretty confident you did it!!!