How hard is the NCLEX???

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    I was just wondering how hard the NCLEX exam is for any Nurses that have already completed this test?? ...

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    I am worried about the NCLEX exam being hard....Is there anything anyone can tell me who has taken this test?? Any information will be greatly appreciated...thank you!!
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    It's something that takes preparation, but remember that around 85% of US-educated first-time testers will pass.
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    I'm taking a Kaplan NCLEX review class in May. Its 5 days long or something...costs 355...but they guarantee you pass or you get your money back
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    The way I look at is this. You know how every semester you have new teachers and you have to adjust to their different testing style? Well ... to me at least ... the NCLEX is like that.

    That's what makes it hard. It's a whole different ball game. The first thing Kaplan tells you is to forget about all of the tests you took in nursing school because, chances are ... it's not the same.

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    Based from my friends testimonials who took the nclex, the questions are pretty easy but the options seems all to be corect and that's what makes the nclex hard. It tests your ability to be safe in practice. Good luck to us..
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    [font=fixedsys][color=olive]very difficult.. and tricky indeed! needs lots of critical thinking..
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    tricky and difficult! opppss didnt i just reword whirlwind's response? hehehehe... it is confusing, sometimes easy, sometimes hard. oftentimes mindblowing! :smiley_ab :smackingf :crash_com :lol_hitti

    best of luck to all of us!
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    Like many others mentioned before, do as many questions as you can. Use different books to practice. But, no matter how many questions you practiced, when you take NCLEX, you still will felt clueless simply because you could be tested on anything (which is impossible for one person to remember them all in a very short period of time). I used Sandure's CDs (Blue book and Q&R green book), NCLEX-RN made incredible easy CD, I also used Kaplan Q-bank for the week before the test. If you do that, you will recognize almost disease and medication on NCLEX. You have to have a basic knowledge to choose (or guess) the correct answer. Good Luck!!! You can do it. :smilecoffeecup:
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    Thank you everyone for your advice! I appreciate it so much!

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