how accurate is pearsonvue trick???? no quickresult link. :(

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    Hi nurses!

    I just took my nclex today, stopped after 75th question, i was relieved and scared at the same time. I don't know what to expect.

    I tried the trick on my phone and I guess I got the good pop-up since it says that "their records indicate that I had recently scheduled the exam. Pls contact the member of board for further assistance. etc...."
    but still, I don't wanna assume yet not until I'll be able to see the official result.
    So I heard about the quick result, w/c is the pearson vue's unofficial result, but I don't have a link on my status. no quick result tab/link.
    what does that suppose to mean?
    How accurate is the trick?
    Has anyone here got a good pop-up but failed officially?

    i'm still worried.
    can somebody help me. Thank you so much!
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    quick results link shows up after 48hrs. waiting for mine to too
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    PVT is accurate! Consistently kept getting the good pop up right after the test, and found out yesterday that I passed (;
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    I have met 7 students who got the "good" pop-up and turns out they failed. I have met 9 students who got the "bad" pop-up and turns out they passed.
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    oh no.. i can't wait for the quick result.. thanks!
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    Quote from alc143
    oh no.. i can't wait for the quick result.. thanks!
    How's you're exam, @alc123?
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    Quote from iamIANE

    How's you're exam, @alc123?
    I mean alc143.. geez!
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    Just took my LPN-NCLEX last week in CA. I'am terrified! My computer turned off at 85 questions. The majority of my questions were SATA. I did the Pearson trick and got the good pop-up! Has anyone recently took the LPN NCLEX in CA?