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  1. Hello Christine2009, I'll be attending Gurnick and wanted to get your input. Please email me at lataycr@yahoo.com. Thanks! I'm so excited!!
  2. I actually had a chance to speak to a couple ( not in the LVN program ) of students from the Concord site and they love it!! I've decided to going in with an open mind and ready to work my butt off. You can always do a bridge to RN program afterwards. Go for it!! Maybe I'll see you there :)
  3. Hello Boot21 and Christine2009, I'll be attending the LVN in October 2011 at the Concord site and wanted to get your views on the program. I'm a little nervous and happy at the same time. I applied to a couple of JC"s and didn't get in. Your views and honesty will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. lataycr

    Finished my First Term!

    Hello, I'm looking into going to Gurnick in October and wanted to see how things were going for you? I've read some of your post and feel positive about your experience. One thing that scares me is the HESI Test. Do the school prepare you for this test? How many times do you get to pass it? Do you know anyone who has actually took the test? Overall it seems like you like the school. How are the clinical's sites? Another important question is how was the test to test out of the pre reqs course? Thanks