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All successful test takers, please be honest. Which book is more helpful in the preperation of passing the PN NLCEX? Exam Cram, Saunders, Lippincott, Mosby, i'm soo confused and i need to focus on one! I like everyone else would... Read More

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    I only used Saunders, though I checked a few other versions out from the library. From the start of the last quarter of school until we finished, we were required to do 4000 test questions (didn't matter where they came from). I found that doing 100 Saunders questions a day from the CD was a good practice. I honestly think it's just an exercise in learning the testing language. When I took my exam I felt like the practice test questions weren't useful, and that I really just needed to soundly know all fundamentals. I passed with 85 questions.
    Know your disease processes
    Know your baseline lab values
    Don't skip prepping with delegation questions - there are a good number of them
    Prioritization is key as well - always remember the A(irway)B(reathing)C(irculation)'s and who would die first!
    Get plenty of rest and take your time with the test.

    Hope you do well!

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    does anyone have exam cram online?cause i have saunders and like everyone else want to be well prepared and want to clear the exam in one attempt...!!

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