Has anyone tried license verification through Nursys.com

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    Hello Nurses!

    I took the NCLEX on Monday, ended at 75 q's, waited 3 hours did the PVT and got the "good" pop up. I checked the California BRN website to verify my license and nothing showed up. However, I was just randomly browsing through National Council of State Boards of Nursing and saw a link "Nursys.com" that is a national database for license verification. I put it in my information and it says that my license was active. I just wanted to know if it was legit, has anyone tried it before. I just wasn't sure because it wasn't showing up at my state BRN website. I'm anxious because California doesn't participate in quick results hehe

    Thank you guys!
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    Congratulations..it is very accurate.
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    It is accurate. I looked myself up and both my LPN and RN licenses showed up and were active.
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    It's accurate, however it varies depending on how often your board of nursing uploads to the Nursys database as to how quickly your license number will appear. Some of the larger states upload 3 or more times per week while some of the smaller states only upload once every two weeks.